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About CousinConnect.comTM

CousinConnect is the newest place where genealogists can post their queries. We feature a powerful server and database engine to store, search, and manage your queries. CousinConnect focuses on making your queries highly visible to the genealogy community. If you are looking to contact other genealogists, discover distant relatives, or find a missing person, CousinConnect offers you the best chance for success.

The Theory Behind CousinConnectTM

CousinConnect was created out of the need for a website that allows genealogists to publish "pure" genealogy queries, and dedicates itself to helping them get responses. While the message board approach employed at Ancestry Boards and GenForum are excellent means of communication, the people who designed CousinConnect felt that online queries could be implemented much more effectively, to give genealogists the best hope for connecting with their cousins, relatives, and friends.

Creating a User Friendly Environment

Because message boards were designed for holding conversations, you will often find that your genealogy query gets lost in a sea of endless discussion threads, off-topic material, and commercial spam. On the other hand, CousinConnect is designed for queries only.

Some message boards contain lots of annoying ad banners and pop-up ads. CousinConnect does not allow any ad banners or pop-up ads. This gives you a more pleasant browsing experience.

Helping You Get More Responses Fast

CousinConnect places an emphasis on helping you get more responses to your genealogy queries fast. Here are some of the ways we do this:

  • Users can sign up for our Query Notification Service. This service allows them to receive e-mails whenever a new query is posted to CousinConnect that matches their surname(s) and region(s).

  • The CousinConnect Network harnesses the power and traffic of other websites to promote the queries posted in CousinConnect. This results in more people viewing your queries.

  • When a user performs a surname search, CousinConnect's search engine searches through a surname index to find appropriate queries. Because we search only on the surnames themselves, you always get relevant results. Conversely, many of our competitors' query boards search on the message text, causing irrelevant results.

  • The staff at CousinConnect are constantly establishing partnerships with other organizations to draw people into CousinConnect. The more people who visit CousinConnect, the more people who will read your queries.

No other genealogy query website works as hard as we do at helping you get responses to your queries.

CousinConnectTM History

CousinConnect was developed throughout all of 2001. The first prototype of the website was launched in October of 2001. Beta testing began at that time, using actual genealogists who volunteered to help. On January 1, 2002, CousinConnect officially launched.

CousinConnect was conceived by three genealogists who had previously accumulated a combined 30 years of experience tracing their own family history. In addition, they accumulated a combined 21 years of experience developing, marketing, and operating genealogy websites.

They had realized that the message boards employed at other genealogy query sites (Ancestry Boards, GenForum, and others) were underserving the power and popularity of genealogy queries. Thus they set out to build CousinConnect.

CousinConnectTM Funding

CousinConnect is a free service to the public. There's no cost to post a query, respond to a query, or any of the services we provide.

CousinConnect is funded through advertising and affiliate marketing programs. All advertising is accomplished through text-based ads located at the bottom-portion of our pages. Absolutely no ad banners, and no pop-up ads.

The People Behind CousinConnectTM

CousinConnect is owned and operated by:

  • Sheila Ruth - programmer, webmaster, database administrator
  • David Podmajersky - administration, finances, legal
  • Steve Johnson - web design, marketing, user support

CousinConnect Success Stories

The Success Stories are letters written by our users describing the success they've had with CousinConnect. If CousinConnect helped you connect with another genealogist, distant cousin or relative, a lost friend, or a birth parent / adoptee, please let us know by contacting us.

Partner with CousinConnect

CousinConnect would like to partner with other genealogy websites through its "CousinConnect Network". If you are interested, please visit our CousinConnect Network page.

Trade Links with CousinConnect!

If you have a website, CousinConnect is interested in trading links with you. We'll place a link to your website if you place a link to ours. Links will be added to our Links Page. Visit that page for more info.