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My name is Edward Michael Gurrola. I have spent years researching the Gurrola family line, and have recently published a book entitled “GURROLA- 500 Years in the New World.” This book is a genealogical and historical, 602 page, hardbound book study of families in the Durango-Chihuahua areas of Mexico, primarily of the Gurrola line from 1563 on. Below is some information included in my book announcement. You can email your address to, and I will gladly send you more information in an actual announcement. I can be reached at (805) 985-0997 if you have any questions. - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Gurrola 500 Years in the New World by Edward Michael Gurrola 2007 This is a genealogical and historical, 602 page, hardbound book study of families in the Durango-Chihuahua areas of Mexico, primarily of the Gurrola line from 1563 on. Also included are XV-XVI century Egurrola lines in Vizcaya, Spain, who must be considered “our first progenitors”. Some “New World” families studied, go back to the conquest of Mexico! This book is the result of 27+ years of research by the author. Gurrola ancestry is linked to Alaric I, ca. 380 A.D., via the author’s 10th great-grandfather, el Conquistador Rodrigo de Casteñeda, noble family line. Doña Ysabel de Castañeda y Leon married the author’s 9th great-grandfather, Pedro Ruiz de Egurrola y Arancibia (the first Egurrola to settle in the New World, ca. 1550), who was a principal silver miner in the silver fields of Zacatecas. Page 403 “... Diego Rodriguez Ruiz de Asturias - Conde de Oviedo, Lord of Norena, Ricohombre, Gobernador y Capitan General de Asturias, married doña Ximena, daughter of King Alfonso V. They had XIMENA, second of this name, who married don RODRIGO DIAZ DE VIVAR, A.K.A., EL CID, in 1074. Diego Rodriguez Ruiz de Asturias is the 12th great-grandfather of Rodrigo de Castañeda, conquistador....”. Includes many names of conquistadores. Pages 409-565 have Nueva Vizcaya XVI and XVII century censuses plus militia rosters and Francisco de Ibarra’s roster of soldiers, ca. 1563+. Contains many family genealogical charts. Coats-of-arms, in color, of Gurrola, Castañeda, Montaño, Arancibia and Asturias. LIMITED EDITION OF 100 BOOKS ONLY! Order your copy now! • Please do not wait! This book is a “must” for anyone who is interested in the historical and genealogical information relative to the first 1563 colonists and their descendants in the old province of Nueva Vizcaya, now known as the states of Durango and Chihuahua, Mexico. Other families not listed here-in are also included in this book. Helpful suggestions by author to the reader interested in further pursuing a respective family line are included throughout the book. ARE YOU A TRUE GURROLA? This book may answer that question Included in this book are families who, in one way or another, are connected with the Gurrola Family Line. Alvarado Antuna Cardenas Castañeda Condelos De La Hoya Ed Cid King Luna Macias Morales Montaño Moreno Navarrete Nannou Ortiz Rivera Smith Valles BRIEF GENEALOGICAL CHART GURROLA 1383 A.D. CASTAñeda 1080 A.D. fruela II 885 a.d. ALFONSO III 840 A.D. RAMIRO I 780 A.D. PEDRO 700 A.D. HERMENEGILDO 550 A.D. THEODERID 451 A.D. ALARIC I 380 A.D. - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Contact: Edward Michael Gurrola (805) 985-0997



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