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I am looking for relatives of Mildred Willene Whaley, aka. Mildred Harrington, aka. Mildred Untermeyer. I her parents were Kenneth Whaley and Vern McDaniel and she was born in Arkansas. She was married to a Paul Leo Harrington at one point and had two daughters by him, Patricia and Mary Jane, who ended up in an orphanage in California that I am trying to locate. Mildred was my mother, Mila Jean Wilder's, birthmother and my mother has been wanting to contact her siblings for some time now. Mildred was last married to Alvin Untermeyer in Ingleside, Texas and she passed away in 1997. Mildred gave my mother to David and Dorothy Wilder when she was born in California in July of 1950. Dorothy was a nurse and my mom was delivered at home, so her adoptive parents are listed as her birth parents on her birth certificate, making locating family, even her birth father (Virgil Chase?), very difficult. But my mother grew up knowing Mildred as her "aunt" and that she was her birth mother, and my mother looks just like her. Mildred had several children which she gave up for adoption, including at least 2 sets of twins: twin daughters named Vicki & Valerie in Bakersfield, California in July of 1951 whom I have found thanks to your lovely website; another daughter named Mila Jeanette and her twin brothers, Michael and Kevin, in Texas whom I have also located thanks to your wonderful website; another boy born around 1947 who was adopted under the surname Fairbanks in San Pedro, California to a woman who was confined to a wheelchair - possibly a Gerald Fairbanks - whom I am still trying to locate; and one boy who died as an infant and was buried in a Bakersfield cemetary. I have attached a photo of Mildred and Alvin Untermeyer in case this would help. If you have any information, please contact me. If you are one of the individuals I am looking for, I have so much to share with you. I would love to help my mother piece together her life since her birth and adoptive parents have all passed away at this time. Thank you!



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