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On 9/18/1967, i gave birth to a son (just before midnight). Can't recall exact weight and length. It was an emotional stressful time for me. Against social worker advice i saw him and fed him while in the hospital, refused to sign the papers otherwise. He was mixed race, Black & White (me). i may have indicated a possibility of some native american ancestry as was not 100% sure of paternity. i left religion open as i felt even then that God doesn't care about semantics. i had just turned 21 a few weeks before his birth. i was living in Cabin John, Md with my eldest sister at the time. Pretty sure gave birth in a county hospital but can't recall if that was in Silver Spring or Rockville. My name then same as now as i returned to maiden name after 3rd divorce. i called him 'Nathan' in hospital (hebrew for 'gift of God') even tho i knew it would likely be changed by adoptive parents. Since Maryland is an open record state i figure if he's looking for me, he knows my name, and maybe is just hestitating contacting because unsure of what reception he'd get. So i'll with hold that for now. i now have medical info that i would like to share with him that i did not have at the time. If he is open to contact, i would be thrilled, as would my daughter, who had such a good experience with her elder twin brothers that she loves the idea of another brother. Sons born in 1975, daughter in 1983. If he is only interested in the medical info would be happy to pass that along even he wants no other contact. Feel it is important.



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