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Birth name: Brendan Matthew Saltenberger, Gender:Male, Adoptee Name:Michael, Birth Date:Jan 8, 1987, Birth Place:New Jersey, Birth Mother:Janice Saltenberger Rael, Birth Father:Frank Pacheco, Adoption Date:1987-00-00, Hospital:Underwood Memorial, Woodbury NJ, Agency:Bethany Christian Services, Caseworker: Janet Brown, Adoption was done in Pennsylvania and the records were sealed. I am a birthmother in search of my son, born as Brendan Matthew, now named Michael, who was adopted in 1987 through Bethany Christian Services. The adoptive family lived west of PA. They supposedly were dog breeders who lived on a farm. They adopted a second boy from Bethany when Michael was 1 year old. Michael was born in Woodbury NJ on January 8, 1987, a week after I turned 18. He had brown hair and brown eyes. Both the birthfather and I are tall, but the adoptive parents were shorter than we were. Bethany described me in my papers as a "teenage alcoholic" (not true). I am a tall white German/Irish female with auburn/brown hair, the father was very tall and Italian. Michael was a big baby (almost 9 lbs) and I have one small photo of him from when he was about 6 or 8 months old. I also have a profile registered on I want so much to meet Michael, explain the circumstances of my teenage pregnancy, and tell him that I have always loved him, and I wish to meet him and hug him and make sure that he had a good life, and that I did the right thing by giving him up. I wrote to the PA Adoption office twice to ask for my records to be opened in case Michael was trying to find me. Michael is 26 years old now (2013). Please look for me, Michael. You have a younger half-brother and half-sister who have always known that you are out there somewhere. We'd all like to meet you.



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