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I am searching for my Bio Dad, OR also my half brother via his Mother. I know my Dads name is Karl Walker. He lived in Huntington WV in 1983 and early 84. From what my mother told me he was employed as a truck driver, she was pretty sure he was not from the area, had came in town while driving a semi and then remained in the area a while. However, she did catch him up in several lies so I'm not sure how true that is. Here's the catch-I DO know for sure that after he and my Mom broke up while she was pregnant with me, he apparently took up with a friend of Moms named LISA. He got HER pregnant too, and she gave birth to a BOY shortly after I was born, probably in early 1984. This woman had a better off family than mine, hence apparently the lady was able to afford the DNA tests and MY BIO DAD IS LISTED ON THIS KIDS BIRTH CERTIFICATE!I realize this isnt much info to go on, just a name and the fact he fathered a son by a woman named Lisa around 84, but since my mother died in 09 and my adopted Dad passed in 99 (Mom married a guy in 93 who legally adopted me so HE is listed on my birth cert as my father!) I feel like basically an orphan. If I could just find even my half brother, and MAYBE my Bio Dad, it would mean a LOT to me, i would at least like the chance to TRY and contact him tell him who I am and see if we could connect.. So, to recap= My name-Karly Laurette Luellen MY DOB NOV 11-1983 in CABELL COUNTY WV MY MOMS NAME was LOIS JEANN ALLEN MY FATHER IS half Cherokee Indian, and looks it, named Karl Walker. He fathered a MALE CHILD WITH A WOMAN NAMED LISA born in Cabell CO or surrounding counties in EARLY to mid 1984. If anyone has ANY info, please feel free to email me at THANKS!!



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