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LEGEND OF SIGNS AND SYMBOLS 1) In This book, every name is followed by a date, which always signifies the date of birth. 2) 2) Within each of the 5 main branches, each child will be given its own special serial number, which will also be used to identify the child and sits spouse when they are listed as a family. All married persons can thus be traced back to the family which they were born. 3) 3) 00=this sign indicates “double rings” and is a symbol of marriage. 4) 4) ==this cross, following a name, indicated that they are deceased, and the date following, when available, and tells of the date of death. FOREWARD With the celebration of the Bi- Centennial year of our Country, many documents and date have come alive, to awaken in the minds of our American citizens how rich their heritage over the the past two hundred years has been. It makes people more proud of their Country, and spurs them on to learning more about its history. In the same spirit, many family histories have appeared in print in recent years to motivate, to remind the present generation and those yet to come, just wo their ancestors were, from where they originated and what kind of people their forefathers really were. It has been a matter of great curiosity for me over a span of years, to wish for a clearer picture of our own Gottschalk relationship. For many years my relives have suggested that somebody should make this research! It is difficult for me to understand how George Henry Gottschalk (188 to 1917), with his education and years of teaching, never thought to set to writing the history of his family, together with the migration of his three brothers and himself over to America. , beginning with the year 1867. The written documents and information anof those years in our relationship were, to say the least very meager. Over the last fifteen years, this feeling of curiosity that possessed me became a determined desire to find an answer. It became clearer to me, that if there was to be a Family Tree Record, I had better take the task in hand now. Being inexperienced in this type of work the beginnings were naturally difficult and disheartening, because I could not find sources of information about whether there were relatives of our Grandparents will living in Germany, and if so, what was their present address. Without this first step, I knew there would be no adequate “Family Story”. At least three or four persons going to Germany had promised me an honest search in the area of Osnabrueck, but it always ended in failure. In May of 1973, I met a man in Victoria, Kansas, named Mr. Heinrich Witteman, whose wife was a nice to Fr. Jordon Hammel, Capuchin. This gentleman was from Mannheim, Germany, working in the Police Department. He listened to my story of frustrations, and then made me a solemann promise to make a thorough search in the Remsede, Germany, area, where our grandparents were born and raiseDIED This was in May. His promise was” You will hear from me,” Nothing happened for eight months, and I thought it would end in the usual failure. Suddenly in January a letter arrived from Germany, telling me that Mr. Witteman had located a living relatiutiveve in that area, named Elizabeth Gottschalk, age 74 years, together with her address. I wasted no time writing alerter to her, explaining my projected Family Tree. Very quickly, Elizabeth Gottschalk’s married daughter, Hedwig Holtmeier, answered my letter, assuring me that her grandparent and pours were truly brothers. The rest of the history is in the first portion of our genealogy, Mrs. Holtmeir very graciously got all possible records from the old parish church, and whose records date back three hundred years. Through her efforts we have all the information from the home of our grandparents that was possible to finDIED It remained bow only to gather the information of the relatives in Pittsburg, Pa., and the Kansas area, which make up the contents of these books. THE NAME “Gottschalk” HAS A VERY ANCIENT AND INTERESTING ORIGIN. Because OF ITS CENTURIES OF USE AND ABUSE. It is not too surprising to find that ITS CORRECT SPELLING MAY BE DIFFICULT TO ESTABLISH. It contains two words: “Gott” and “Schalk.” The word Gott obviously means Gods. The problem arises with the second word “Schalk.” This is the crucial word, In old English wr itings, this word appeaed with precisely the same spelling as in the family name, and it meant simply “servant.” Men, who worked in the service of royalty or people of greater means and wealth, were called “Schalks. This word was taken fover into the early German language with the same meaning of servant. In later years, the meaning of Schalk grew to take the meaning of a mischievous fellow. In very early centuries in Germany, the name Gottschalk appeared as a family name, meaning very simply “God’s servant.” Through the centuries, this name took on many variations in spelling, due to doubt, to the fact that names were carelessly written as they sounded, or the fact that many people simply could not spell their name correctly. The word “Gott” alone, sometimes appears a s “Got.” “God,” “Gad,” “Cut,” or “Gat.” The second wor5d, “Schalk” appears in many more variations, for example,” “Schlat,” “Schall,” “Schalck,” or Shalk.” It you join these two words in all their possible variations; you can understand why the family name took on endless variety of spellings. It might be of interest to mention some people in early history bore this name. 1. Gottschalk of Orbits, who lived from 803 to 869, a Benedictine monk and theologian. He defected from the Catholic Church mainly because of his false teachings on the doctrine of Predestination. 2. Gottschalk of Limburg, Germany. He lived from 1010 to 1098. He was a poet. 3. HISOTRY OF THE GOTTSCHAL NAME AND COAT OF ARMS THE REMSEDE AREA Remsede is a small village, which is situated in the northern section of Germany, at the end of the Teutoburg forest, surrounded on both sides at the base of a series of low foot hills. The big city of Osnabrueck is just 13 miles to the north, a city of about 150,000 inhabitants. Remsede was always a rather small rural village, and at the present time there are only about 800 inhabitants. It is a lush farm area which is set back from any heavy highway traffic. Up until a few years ago, Remsede was an independent town, but in recent years they joined three little vil lages under one mayor. The area is now called Laer-Remsede. The two little towns are about two miles apart. In earlier 1800, the address for Remsede inhabitants was written in this way: Kingdom of Hannover, Principality of Osbabrueck, and town of Remsede. Hence you see that Remsede used to belong to the Kingdom of Hannover, not the town of Hannover. This led some of our relatives to say that our ancestry was from Hannover, Germany, which was not too accurate. The nearest large city, Osbabrueck, is just 13 miles to the north. Most of their business, advanced schooling, and other needs, were taken care of in this large city. On the map of Germany, just look for Osnabrueck, and Remsede is just 13 miles due south. In modern West Germany, the country is divided into States, similar to our division in America. Remsde is in the state known as Lower Saxony. The pictures in this chapter show you: 1) The picture of the little village 2) A composite of four buildings in the town 3) A picture of their very famous, ancient church 4) An aerial view of the home, just outside Remsede, of our earliest known relatives. The white portion of the building was the original home, and a portion in dark, has been added in the course of time. "Today the home is no longer in existence. All members of the first family were born and raised in this home. One of the most unique buildings in Remsede is the little parish church, under the patronage of St. Augustine. In 1935 they celebrated the eleven hundred the year of it counting. What makes it so unique is that is became an official pilgrimage chapel. It is quite authentic, that this altar was built back in the year 734. Many people from as far as Cologne made pilgrimages to this highly indulged chapel. Pictures show its earliest form with the tall, spire, but in recent years a new tower has been built, giving it a different look. The pictures of the village will give you some idea of the lovely, quiet Remsede, in which our early grandparents lived their early lives. Being nestled in this valley-like forest, away from the thoroughfare, it is easy to see that they loved its quiet and peaceful retreat. The Beginning of the Gottschalk Genealogy Since the parish of St. Anthony's at Remsed was a Pilgrimage Chapel over the centuries, all of the church records for both Remsed and Laer, Germany, were kept in the St. Mary's Parish Church records for both Remsede and Laer, Germany, about two and a half miles from Remsede. In these books, which date back three hundred years, the following is written by its pastor: "The oldest entries at Laer, with the family name of "Gottschalk" date back to the year 1794." The very first parents found in that area were: Anton Gottschalk and A. Catherina Leinker There is no record of where they came from, or who their forebearers were. They simply appeared suddenly, with the baptism of their son, Bernhard Heinrich Gottschalk Who is the ancestor of all the Gottschalk’s mentioned in this book. Whether or not they had other children is unknown. Bernhard Heinrich Gottschalk FATHER: Bernhard Heinrich Gottschalk Oct. 10, 1794 MOTHER: Sophia Massmann May 9, 1801 to Jul 21, 1826 First Marriage: September 28, 1824 CHILDREN: 1. Johann Heinrich Gottschalk FeBORN 20, 1825 to Jul 27, 1837 Second Marriage: MOTHER: Anna Maria Hagedown Apr 5, 1802 Marriage: Nov 21, 1826 CHILDREN: 2. George Heinrich Gottschalk Sep 13, 1827 to Jan 8, 1830 3. Maria Catherine Gottschalk Feb 13, 1829 to Aug. 8, 1830 4. Maria Catharina Gottschalk Oct. 4, 1830 to May 12, 1833 5. Maria Elizabeth Gottschalk Dec. 24, 1832 to 1894 6. Franz Anton Gottschalk Oct. 2, 1834 to Dec. 27, 1834 To U.S.A. 7. Bernhard Heinrich Gottschalk Feb 7, 1836 to Apr 26, 1915 To U.S.A. 8. George Heinrich Gottschalk FeBORN 18, 1838 to Nov 15, 1917 To U.S.A. 9. Johann Heinrich Gottschalk May 6, 1839 to Mar 9, 1907 10. Wilhelm Gottschalk Jun 16, 1841 to Dec. 22, 1842 11. Heinrich Clemens August Gottschalk Nov. 21, 1842 to Dec. 22, 1906 To U.S.A. 12. Wilhelm Ludwig Gottschalk May 9, 1844 to Jul 22, 1877 HEINRICH CLEMENS AUGUST GOTTSCHALK was the eleventh child born of the union to Bernard and Anna Maria (Hagedown) Gottschalk, of Remsede, Germany. Of the five boys who survived birth and were married, August Gottschalk was the only one to remain in Germany. He inherited the home where the family was born and raiseDIED He most likely had military service in the German army, and when he retired from that, he took up the trade of farmer, village official and father. In the earlier years after the brothers separated, there was some communication between August and those in the United States. Unfortunately it did not continue, so that the only information remaining to us in the United States was the fact that there were relatives in Germany. Fortunately, Father Timothy succeeded in making contact with them, and as a result we have the complete record of the first family in our genealogy. FAMILY OF HEINRICH CLEMENS AUGUST GOTTSCHALK FATHER: HEINRICH CLEMENS AUGUST GOTTSCHALK Nov. 21, 1842 to Dec. 22, 1906 Mother: Gertrude Knefler Jun 6, 1838 to Aug. 3, 1894 In Remsede, Germany MARRIED: September 5, 1867 in Remsede, Germany CHILDREN: Bernhard Gottschalk Dec 14, 1867 to Dec. 3, 1954 2. Anton Gottschalk Dec. 30, 1872 to Feb 15, 1927 3. George Gottschalk Dec. 28, 1876 to Feb 3, 1938 4. Heinrich Gottschalk Aug 12, 1881 to Nov 8, 1871 1. FAMILY OF BERNHARD GOTTSCHALK 2. FATHER: BERNHARD GOTTSCHALK Dec. 14, 1867 to Dec. 3, 1954 3. MOTHER: Katherina Dierker Jan. 1, 1867 to Dec. 6, 1933 Marriage date Unknown CHILDREN: 4. August Gottschalk Oct. 20, 1895 to May 24, 1966 5. Bernhard Gottschalk Oct. 10, 1897 to Apr. 25, 1928 6. 7. Gertrude Gottschalk? 1900? 1907 7. Anton Gottschalk Jan 17, 1902 to Nov 10, 1965 8. George Gottschalk? 1904 to Aoct. 24, 1927 9. Gertrude Gottschalk Apr. 12, 1907 to June 4, 1955 5. FAMILY OF AUGUST GOTTSCHALK 6. FATHER: August Gottschalk Oct. 20, 1895 to May 24, 1966 7. MOTHER: Elizabeth Riepe Jan. 4, 1898 MARRIED: No v. 29, 1922 CHILDREN: 10. Hedwig Gottschalk Nov. 3, 1923 to May 7, 1957 11. Hilde Gottschalk Jan. 28, 1926 to Sept. 22, 1954 12. Else Gottschalk May 19, 1928 to Oct. 4, 1956 11. FAMILY OF HEINRICH HOLTMEYER FATHER: Hienrich Holtmeyer Apr. 11, 1922 to Aug. 9, 1969 in Galen, Germany MOTHER: Hedwig Gottschalk Nov. 3, 1923 MARRIED: May 7, 1957 in Glane, Germany CHILDREN: Angelika Holtmeyer Apr 6, 1958 Ulrike Holtmeyer Sept. 30, 1959 Rudolf Holtmeyer Jan. 3, 1962 2. FAMILY OF ANTON GOTTSCHALK FATHER: Anton Gottschalk Dec. 30, 1872 to FeBORN 15, 1927 MOTHER: Anna Maria Pohlman Jul 24, 1879 to Nov. 6, 1960 Marriage date unknown CHILDREN: 17. August Gottschalk FeBORN 13, 1906 to Aug. 20, 1972 18. in Wellendorf, Germany 19. 187. Maria Gottschalk (no dates) lives Hitler, Germany Klara Gottschalk (no dates) lives in G. MARRIED Huette, Germany 20. Regina Gottschalk (no dates) lives in Dissent, Germany 21. Gertrude Gottschalk (no dates) lives in Remsede, Germany 3. FAMILY OF GEORGE GOTTSHALK FATHER: George Gottschalk Dec. 28, 1876 to FeBORN 1938 MOTHER: Gertrude Dammann FeBORN 7, 1881 to June 22, 1954 In Harsewindkel, Germany CHILDREN: 22. Bernhardine Gottschalk Jun 19, 1921 Heinrich and Klara Gottschalk from Bad Rhotenfelde, Germany. Klara Gottschalk is the oldest and nearest living relative in Germany at the present time. She writes to Father Timothy very faithfully. 3. FAMILY OF HEINRCH GOTTSCHALK FATHER: Heinrich Gottschalk Aug. 12, 1881 MOTHER: Klarar Luise Hemsath Apr 25, 1890 MARRIED: May 9, 1914 CHILDREN: 23. Josef Gottschalk Killed in WWII 24. Paula Gottschalk Jun. 26, 1921 In Bad Rothenfelde, Germany 23. FAMILY OF KURT BRUKE FATHER: Kurt Brunke Jul 24, 1925 MOTHER: Paula Gottschalk Jun 26, 1921 MARRIED: August 29, 1953 CHILDREN: 24. Mechthild Brunke Dec. 16, 1954 25. Petra Brunke Jul 12, 1960 BERNARD HEINRICH GOTTSCHALK was the oldest of the four boys who came to America August 17, 1867. Also it states that he was married in Breese, Illinois, Nov. 28, 1867. We have a strong suspicion that he came alone, and that the other brothers followed later. Before leaving his home stead, his records tell of his freely enlisting in 1st K.DIEDR. (A German army regiment) of the Hannover Germany Government. This enlistment lasted from 1855 to 1856. Shortly thereafter, he set sails to America. Not too long after his marriage in Breese, Ill., he came to Pittsburg, Pa., where he finally made his permanent home, and raised a large family of 14 children. Unfortunately, so many of the children died in early age, or infancy. His msut have been a distressing life, since only five of the large family became of arraigeable age, and did marry. He did visit his brother George Henry in Schoenchen, Kansas once. They also correspeonded very much by mail and their letter were very lengthy and of a a very spiritual nature. FAMILY OF BERNARD HENRY GOTTSCHALK FATHER: Bernhard Henry Gottschalk FeBORN 7, 1836 to April 26, 1915 in Remsede, Germany MOTHER: Anna Weber Oct. 30, 1843 to Oct. 16, 1906 In Burlage, Germany MARRIED: Nov. 26, 1867 in Bresse, Ill. CHILDREN: 1. Bernard Gottschalk FeBORN 1, 1868 to Jul 29, 1870 2. Henry (Heinrich) Gottschalk Apr 1, 1869 to Dec. 27, 1881 3. Katherina (Mary Catherine) Gottschalk Feb 22, 1870 to May 19, 1871 4. Bernard William Gottschalk Sept 29, 1871 to Sept 12, 1872 5. Anna Bernadine Gottschalk Jun 24, 1873 to June 23, 1875 6. Bernard Henry Gottschalk Mar 15, 1875 to Sept 23, 1941 7. Mary Caroline Gottschalk Jan. 17, 1877 to June 17, 1888 8. Anna Marie Gottschalk Jul 14, 1879 to Oct. 1, 1880 9. Mary Regina Gottschalk Jul 14, 1879 to Feb 23, 1923 10. Francis William Gottschalk Mar 12, 1881 to Nov. 20, 1922 11. Casper Bernard Gottschalk Mar 12, 1881 to Dec. 9, 1883 12. Anna Elizabeth Gottschalk Jul 31, 1883 to Dec. 9, 1883 13. Michael Joeph Gottschalk Ju 21, 1885 to Nov. 22, 1947 14. Julius Gottschalk Jan. 24, 1889 to June 12, 1890 6. FAMILY OF BERNARD HENRY GOTTSCHALK FATHER: Bernard Henry Gottschalk Mar 15, 1875 to Sept. 23, 1941 MOTHER: Anna C. Keitgen Dec. 17, 1878 to Dec. 6, 1946 MARRIED: August 28, 1900, Pittsburg, Pa. CHILDREN: Angelbertum (Anna Elizabeth Gottschalk Mar 10, 1902 to May 28, 1924 Henry Bernard Gottschalk Jul 24, 1903 to Dec. 20, 1903 William Bernard Gottschalk Oct. 16, 1908 to Jul 28, 1909 There is somewhat of a mystery or doubt surrounding the Name of Mary Regina Gottschalk. In the family record, kept in the Family Bible of Bernard Henry Gottschalk, the name Mary Regina Gottschalk does appear, born on the same date as that of Mary Regina Gottschalk. Anna Maria, however, died on October 1, 180, and Mary Regina lived a long married life. The Grandchildren of Mary Regina insist that she belongs to the family of Bernard Henry Gottschalk, but we cannot find her baptismal certificate. We have accepted the word of the grandchildren, and concluded that Anna Maria and Mary Regina Gottschalk were twins. 8. FAMILY OF JACOB CARL BONGARTZ FATHER: Jacob C. Bongartz Oct. 15. 1873 to Jun 19, 1980 MOTHER: Mary Regina Gottschalk Jul 14, 1879 to FeBORN 23, 1923 MARRIED: May 20, 1894 at St. Augustine’s Pittsburgh, Pa. CHILDREN: 17. ANNA Mary Adelaide Bongartz Dec. 24, 1895 to May 7, 1960 18. George Aloysius Bongarzt Nov.3, 1899 to Jan. 5, 1898 19. Bernard Jacob Bongartz Oct. 30, 1898 to May 15, 1899 20. Agnes Catherine Bongartz Nov. 3, 1899 to May 2, 1945 21. Anthony Emil Bongartz Spt. 25, 1901 to May 24, 1943 22. Jacob Henry Bongartz May 30, 1904 to Jul 4, 1952 23. Francis William Bongartz Aug 11, 1906 to Jul 15, 1972 24. Bernard Aloysius Bongartz Oct. 31, 1908 May 15, 1966 25. George Albion Bongartz Oct. 31, 1908 to April 8, 1960 26. Hyacinth Joseph Bongartz Dec. 4, 1911 to Jul 6, 1966 17. FAMILY OF CHARLES JOHN FRANCISCUS FATHER: Charles John Franciscus ? MOTHER: Anna Mary Adelaide Bongardtz Dec. 24, 1895 to May 7, 1960 MARRIED: May 26, 1920 CHILDREN: 27. Mary Adelaide Franciscus Feb 24, 1921 28. Charles Jacob Franciscus Jun 15, 1922 29. Anna Agnes Franciscus Feb 26, 1924 30. Regis Anthony Franciscus Apr 28, 1926 26. FAMILY OF SAMUEL J. McAFEE FATHER: Samuel J. McAfee ? MOTHER: May Adelaide Franciscus Feb 24, 1921 MARRIED: August 10, 1940 CHILDREN: 31. Charles William McAfee Dec. 7, 1941 32. Regis Samuel McAfee May 17, 1945 33. Michael James McAfee Sept 10, 1947 34. Kevin Joseph McAfee Feb 27, 1953 35. Mary Anne Adelaide McAfee May 17, 1955 31. FAMILY OF CHARLES WILLIAM McAFEE FATHER: Charles William McAfee Dec. 7, 1941 MOTHER: Mary Louise Dancison ? MARRIED: MAY 24, 1963 CHILDREN: 36. Renee Louise McAfee Mar 16, 1966 37. Charles John McAfee Nov. 22, 1967 38. Kelly Anne McAfee Apr 15, 1971 32. FAMILY OF REGIS SAMUEL McAfee FATHER: Regis Samuel McAfee May 17, 1945 MOTHER: Norma V. King ? MARRIED: June 25, 1967 33. FAMILY OF MICHAEL JAMES McAFEE FATHER: Michael James McAfee Sept 10, 1947 MOTHER: Kathleen Klaybor ? MARRIED: Aug 19, 1967 CHILDREN: 39. Robert James McAfee May 30, 1968 40. Jeremy Thomas McAfee Sept 22, 1969 41. Melissa Anne McAfee Jul 1, 1973 34. FAMILY OF KEVIN JOSEPH McAFEE FATHER: Kevin Joseph McAfee Feb 27, 1953 MOTHER: Marily K. Kirkbride ? MARRIED: Sep 9, 1972 CHILDREN: Sean Patrick McAfee Oct 8, 1973 17. FAMILY OF CHARLES JOHN FRANCISCUS FATHER: Charles John Franciiscus ? MOTHER: Anna Mary Adelaid Bongartz Dec. 24, 1895 MARRIED: MAY 26, 1920 CHILDREN: 27. Mary Adelaide Franciscus FeBORN 24, 1921 28. Charles Jacob Francisscus Jun 15, 1922 29. Anna Agnes Franciscus FeeBORN 26, 1924 30. Regis Anthony Franciscus Apr 28, 1926 27. FAMILY OF SAMUEL J. McAFEE FATHER: SAMUEL J. McAFEE ? MOTHER: Mary Adelaide Franciscus Feb 24, 1921 MARRIED: August 10, 1940 CHILDREN: 31. Charles William McAfee Dec. 7. 1941 32. Regis Samuel McAfee May 17, 1945 33. Michael James McAfee Spt. 10, 1947 34. Kevin Joseph McAfee FeBORN 27, 1953 34.a Maray Anne Adelaide McAfee May 17, 1955 31. FAMILY OF CHARLES WILLIAM McAFEE FATHER: Charles William McAfee Dec. 7, 1941 MOTHER: Mary Louise Dancison ? CHILDREN: 35. RENNE LOUISE McaFEE mAR 16 1966 36. CHARLES JOHN McaFEE nOV. 22, 1967 37. KELLY ANNE McaFEE Apr 15, 1971 32. FAMILY OF REGIS SAMUEL McAFEE FATHER: REGIS sAMUEL MCAFEE mAY 17, 1945 MOTHER: Norma V. King ? MARRIED: Jun 25, 1967 33. FAMILY OF MICHAEL JAMES McAFEE FATHER: Michael James McAfee May 30, 1968 MOTHER: Kathleen Klaybor ? MARRIED: Aug 19, 1967 CHILDREN: 38. Robert James McAfee May 30, 1968 39. Jeremy Thomas McAfee Sept. 22, 1969 40. Melissa Anne McAfee Jull 1, 1973 72. FAMILY OF ROY CHARLES BONGARTZ FATHER: Roy Charles Bongartz Jan. 1, 1930 MOTHER: Ellen Fleming ? MARRIED: SEPT. 12, 1958 CHILDREN: 76. Eris Charles Bongartz Nov. 22, 1960 77. Gerhard Thomas Bongartz Jan 27, 1962 78. Paul Jacob Bongartz Aug. 21, 1963 79. Noel Fleming Bongartz Oct. 23, 1964 80. Theresa Ellyn Bongartz Jun 13, 1966 25. FAMILY OF GEORGE ALBION BONGARTZ FATHER: Gorge Albion Bongartz Oct. 31, 1908 to Apr 8, 1960 MOTHER: Rose Ll. Hickey ? MARRIED: Oct. 9, 1932 26. FAMILY OF HYACINTH JOSEPH BONGARTZ FATHER:. Hyacinth Joseph Bongardt Dec. 4, 1911 to Jul 6, 1966 MOTHER: Janet Remaley MARRIED: Jan. 10, 1945 CHILDREN: 81. Charles Jacob Bongartz Jan. 15, 1946 to Apr 25, 1968 82. Kenneth Phillip Bongartz Apr. 1, 1948 83. James Carl Bongartz Jul 4, 1960 82. FAMILY OF KENNETH PHILIP BONGARTZ FATHER: Kenneth Phillip Bongartz Apr. 1, 1948 MOTHER: Anita Oliver ? WILLIAM FRANCIS GOTTSCHALK William Francis Gottschalk was just called “Frank.” He was the third of the large family of Bernard Henry Gottschalk to arrive at the marriageable age. The mortality in this family was very high, with only five of fourteen children reaching marriage age. Frank was a twin, though they never bore such a close resemblance to each other, and in personality, they were far different. His twin brother was called “Barney.” Frank was a quiet person and living in Pittsburg, Pa., he spent some time working in the Steel Plant of the United Engineering Co. How long he worked there is not certain, but at one time in his life, he took up painting houses and all that goes with it. He died at a comparatively early age, and it is said, he died of painter’s cholic. 9. FAMILY OF WILLIAM FRANICS GOTTSCHALK FATHER: William Francis (Frank W.) Gottschalk Mar. 12, 1881 to Nov. 22, 1922 MOTHER: Anna Lobenz Jan. 1882 MARRIED: 1900 CHILDREN: 83. Angelian Gottschalk Jul 8, 1901 to Apr. 19, 1942 84. Bernard A. Gottschalk Jun. 28, 1903 to Dec. 20, 1903 85. Francis Jacob (Frank W.) Gottschalk May 3, 1905 to Sept. 3, 1973 86. Vincent BORN Gottschalk Jul 2, 1910 to Sept. 3, 1973 84. FAMILY OF HARRY JACKSON FATHER: Harry Jackson Jun 20, 1901 to Dec. 2, 1946 MOTHER: Angelian Gottschalk Jul. 8, 1901 to Apr. 19, 1942 CHILDREN: 87. Vernon Earl Jackson Dec. 28, 1923 88. FAMILY OF VERNON EARL JACKSON FATHER: Vernon Earl Jackson Dec. 28, 1923 MOTHER: Virginia Lutz Sept. 13, 1925 MARRIED: Aug. 7, 1948 CHILDREN: 89. Christann Jackson Sept. 30, 1954 90. Scott Jackson FeBORN 9, 1961 85. FAMILY OF FRANCIS W. GOTTSCHALK SR. FATHER: Francis W. Gottschalk, Sr. May 3, 1905 to Feb 1960 MOTHER: Theresa May Carter May 4, 1906 to Aug. 15, 1966 MARRIED: FeBORN 17, 1926 CHILDREN: 91. Frank W. Gottschalk Jr. Aug. 10, 1926 92. Vincent BORN Gottschalk Oct. 12, 1929 93. Clark Robert Gottschalk Aug. 31, 1943 NOTE: Frank W. Gottschalk, Sr. was awarded the Carnegie Hero Award, when he was killed trying to save another man on Neville Island at the former Pittsburg Coke and Chemical Co. 91. FAMILY OF FRANK W. GOTTSCHALK, JR. FATHER: Frank W. Gottschalk, Jr. Aug. 10, 1926 MOTHER: Catherine MARRIED Grajewski Mar. 7, 1927 MARRIED: Oct. 14, 1950 92. FAMILY OF VINCENT BORN GOTTSCHALK FATHER: Vincent BORN Gottschalk Oct. 12, 1929 MOTHER: Unknown-now divorced MARRIED: Nov. 12, 1960 CHILDREN: 93. Todd Gottschalk 1964 94. Tracy Gottschalk Jan. 2, 1962 86. FAMILY OF VINCENT BORN GOTTSCHALK FATHER: Vincent BORN Gottschalk Jul. 2, 1910 MOTHER: Martha Reichert Dec. 12, 1912 MARRIED: Jul 12, 1938 CHILDREN: 95. Linda Gottschalk Sept. 1, 1940 96. Gary Gottschalk FeBORN 10, 1946 96. FAMILY OF JOSEPH DEBALDO FATHER: Joseph Debaldo Oct. 21, 1940 MOTHER: Linda Gottschalk Sept. 1, 1940 MARRIED: Nov. 5, 1960 CHILDREN: 97. Daniel J. DeBaldo Oct. 27, 1961 98. Teresa A. DeBaldo Apr. 1, 1963 99. Jeanne MARRIED DeBaldo May 6, 1964 97. FAMILY OF GARY GOTTSCHALK FATHER: Gary Gottschalk FeBORN 10, 1946 MOTHER: Melody Ann Sair Sept. 9, 1947 MARRIED: APR 8, 1967 CHILDREN: 100. Lori Ann Gottschalk Mar. 25, 1969 101. Gary Gottschalk Nov. 20, 1972 FAMILY OF CASPER BERNARD GOTTSCHALK Casper Bernard Gottschalk, the second part of the twin combination was called “Barney.” Barney was also associated with the Steel Mills, working in the United Engineering Co., the Frank Keelang Plant, but he was a foreman. As a result, he was financially a little more comfortable. His home was in Sharpsburg, Pa. He was quite a mechanic, and he is remembered as having an auto in the 1920’s, a Harry C. Stutz Special. Barney had a small family of three children. He was very sure of this own judgments. “This was due in large part from being a Mill foreman. FATHER: Bernard Casper Gottschalk Mar . 12, 1881 to FeBORN 22, 1948 MOTHER: Clara Barbara Kruth Jun 13, 1883 to Aug. 30, 1965 102. Bernard J. Gottschalk Aug. 10, 1905 103. Norman Gottschalk Aug. 11, 1915 to Aug. 7, 1967 104. Regis Gottschalk Jul 28, 1920 103. FAMILY OF BERNARD J. GOTTSCHALK FATHER: Bernard J. Gottschalk Aug. 10, 1905 MOTHER: Marie Penish Jun. 16, 1907 MARRIED: JUN. 27, 1928 CHILDREN: 105. Marie Gottschalk Dec. 2, 1945 106. Bernadette Gottschalk Jul 31, 1941 107. FAMILY OF WILLIAM CONNOR FATHER: William Connor 1941 MOTHER: Bernadette Gottschalk Jul 31, 1941 CHILDREN: 108. Paula Connor Dec. 19, 1962 106. FAMILY OF MICHAEL BOSIO FATHER: Michael Bosio Nov. 19, 1944 MOTHER: Marie Gottschalk Dec.2, 1945 MARRIED: Jun 21, 1969 CHILDREN: 109. Michelle Bosio Jan. 22, 1973 104. FAMILY OF NORMAN GOTTSCHALK FATHER: Norman Gottschalk Aug. 11, 1915 to Aug 7, 1967 MOTHER: Helen Burr Nov. 24, 1915 to Dec. 25, 1968 MARRIED: Nov. 9, 1936 CHILDREN: 110. Marlene F. Gottschalk Dec. 3, 1939 111. Regis BORN Gottschalk Aug. 20, 1937 112. Norman Gottschalk Apr. 25, 1944 113. Bernard J. Gottschalk May 10, 1955 111. FAMILY OF RAYMOND C. LEWIS, JR. FATHER: Raymond C. Lewis, Jr. Nov. 20, 1938 MOTHER: Marlene F. Gottschalk Dec. 3, 1939 MARRIED: June 17, 1958 CHILDREN: 114. Raymond C. Lewis, 3rd Sept. 6, 1962 115. George BORN Lewis Aug. 11, 1964 105. FAMILY OF REGIS GOTTSCHALK FATHER: Regis Gottschalk Aug. 20, 1937 MOTHER: 1ST Wife: Constance Adams Aug. 13, 1938 MARRIED: Mar 1954 2nd wife: Karen Kuetz Sept. 14, 1940 MARRIED: Dec. 23, 1969 CHILDREN: 116. Regis J. Gottschalk Oct. 5, 1955 117. Rosanne MARRIED Gottschalk Jan. 22, 1959 118. Rhonda Gottschalk Aug. 16, 1963 119. Rebecca Gottschalk May 19, 1970 117. FAMILY OF FRANK BUCCERRI FATHER: Frank Buccerri Aug. 14, 1955 MOTHER: Regis J. Gottschalk Oct. 5, 1955 MARRIED: Oct. 5, 1973 112. FAMILY OF NORMAN GOTTSCHALK, JR. FATHER: Norman Gottschalk, Jr. Apr. 25, 1944 MOTHER: Patricia Koehler Jan. 30, 1944 MARRIED: Dec. 22, 1962 CHILDREN: 120. Laura Gottschalk Aug 4, 1963 121. Lisa Gottschalk FeBORN 13, 1965 122. Norman Gottschalk Jun 25, 1966 123. Charles Gottschalk Aug 4, 1967 JOSEPH MICHAEL GOTTSCHALK Joseph Michael Gottschalk was just plain “Joe” around Lawrence, Pa., where he spent most of his life. He ended up living in the home of his Father, where he raised a family of ten children. There never was any fancy in his home, or in his life. He was a hard worker in the steel mills, employed 40 years in the Frank Keelang Plant of the United Engineering Co. They worked hard and were dirty and black, then came home and enjoyed a beer. That was their life. There was not much to distract from their life, except their children. He had a family of 10 children and he was close to theMARRIED One can guess how he understood them, or talked their language, when you heard the names he used to call them, instead of their Christian names. Here are some samples: “Tweedle,” “Bebble”, “Jinx”, and “Tump.” William Gottschalk "Willie" Gottschalk was what they called him in Schoenchen, KS. He was the third oldest of George Henry Gottschalk, and was born in Pittsburg, Pa., and was baptized in the St. Agnes Chruch; in West Mifflin, PA. He married Anna Munsch in 1900. Willie was always a farmer, and a ver good one. He farmed 5 miles south east of Schoenchen. He also owned a house in Schoenchen, as did many of his people there, for Sundays, and winters. He was a very exact and meticulous farmer, making his children cultivate and plow the fields "just so." He raised 13 children, which was more or less the custom, besides that it was economically sound, because a large family meant good help with the farm work. He, as did his brothers, sang on the choir, and joined in with the Sunday "good times." Willie was on the board of directors of the Farmers Coop in his day, and took a great interest in the community farming projects. 3. FAMILY OF WILLIAM GOTTSCHALK FATHER: William Gottschalk June 5m 1877 to May 9, 1938 MOTHER: Anna Munsch May 17, 1882 to Jun 1, 1969 MARRIED: NOV. 13, 1900 AT Schoenchen, Kansas CHILDREN: 329. Regis Gottschalk Mr 30, 1902 to Aug. 2, 1958 330. Mary Gottschalk Dec. 28, 1903 331. Peter Gottschalk Apr. 18, 1906 332. Wendelin Gottschalk Nov. 1, 1907 333. Amelia Gottschalk May 30, 1909 to June 24, 1925 334. Bernadine Gottschalk FeBORN 26, 1911 335. Marcus Aloysius Gottschalk Sept. 13, 1912 336. Bertah Gottschalk Nov. 24, 1914 337. Adolph Gottschalk Apr 19, 1917 (my uncle) 338. Rosa Gottschalk Apr 18, 19919 339. Martina Gottschalk Nov. 17, 1921 340. Louise Gottschalk FeBORN 14, 1923 341. Vincent Gottschalk FeBORN 6, 1925 to Jan. 30, 1937



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