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Johannes Doerfler B: 1771 P: Obermonjour, Russia One of these 2 boys was the father of John Doerfler Michael D. b. 1793 Friedruch D. 1798 John Doerfler b.? P: Obermonour, Russia Catherine Unrein b. 1778 P: Obermonjour, Russia Conrad Doerfler B: 1844 P: Obermonjour, Russia No information who either one of the boys married Agnes Doerfler B: 1895 P: Munjor, Kansas Elizabeth Seib B: P: Obermonjour, Russia Norma Jean Urban B: 1934 P: Ellis County, Kansas 1. Anna M. Leiker 2. Elizabeth Schumacher Larry Dreiling Jr. B: 1955 P: Ellis County, Kansas Jakob M. Urban B: 1892 P: Pfeifer, Kansas Joannie b. 1979 Mathew b. 1980 Shannon b. 1983 Larry Dreiling B: 1931 P: Ellis County, Kansas Gladys Dorzweiler B: 1957 P: Hays, Kansas The Dreilings On August 4, 1996, I received the following e-mail message from Dr. Igor Pleve, Archivist in Saratov, Russia, after I had requested from Dr. Pleve the home of origin in Germany of the Dreilings. I knew they had settled in Russia in Louis, and had moved to Herzog sometimes before 1798. He is the message I received from Dr. Pleve: "Frank Dreiling, 30, Catholic, a ploughman; arrived at the Luis, Louis colony on the 14th day of June 1766, with his wife Barbara - age 27 and his son Johannes age 2, from Wuerzburg, Karlstadt, Bavaria, Germany. From the 1798 census of Herzog, Russia obtained from the archives in St. Petersburg, Russia we learn hat John Dreilings 1 son was also John Dreiling II. Fr. Michael Dreiling had valuable information available as well. In 1766 Wuerzburg was a Bishopric (a small principality, and Karlstadt, a small town in the Bishopric. today they are both cities in Bavaria. The A.A. Dreiling, Catherine (Linenberger) Dreiling was one of the finest of all Volga German families in the country the past 1122 years. A. A. Dreiling was a church organist, band director, bank clerk, hardware store manager, city councilman, trusted friend and advisor. 5 of their children became noted church organists. Their grandson, Norbert Dreiling is considered the finest lawyer and advisor of all Volga German lawyers. Not only is he the nest attorney, he has been a pillar of strength for a number of civic and non-political organizations. He has been advisor for the Leo Dreiling family for years. St. John's Rest Home in Victoria and Hays, St. John's New Horizons; St. Anthony Hospital, TMP and the Volga German Society all owe "Norb" a debt of gratitude for his tireless efforts in their behalf. His grandfather, A.A. Dreiling who passed away before Norb was born, would have been proud of him. This Dreiling family has done more for the Volga German people of Ellis County, in the way of providing funds for building facilities for the elderly, than anyone. Vetter Hannes (Uncle John) father of Leo J. would have been proud of Leo and grandson John. Leo J. and Albina through hard work, and risk taking, became very wealthy through the oil business. They remained however, very modest and humble people through out their lives. What did they do with much of the money they made? Being concerned about what happened to our elderly citizens, and for the sick, he donated land for the construction of St. Anthony Hospital, which is now part of Hays Medical Center. New Horizons of Hays, an Assisted Living Complex was another project funded by Leo and Albina Dreiling. It is considered the finest facility of its kind in the state of Kansas and I agree. Leo was the driving force in organizing the construction of St. John's Home for the elderly in Victoria. The Dreilings were also instrumental in the establishment of the TMP trust for young students. They made major contributions to Ft. Hays State University. Leo and son John helped the Volga German Society a lot through the years; John like his dad Leo continued the work of the Dreilings. John, like his dad, has a humble disposition. Grandpa John would have been proud of his grandson John as well. Anton M. Dreiling great-grandpa of Elizabeth (Brungardt) Dreiling died on his way to church. It was foggy that March 19, 1927 as he was walking diagonally across the intersection just northwest adjacent to the church. The Joe Wellbrock family on their way to church in a big Nash car struck him, accidentally and killed him. I remember the incident vividly. John N. Wasinger was married twice. His 1st wife was Clara Weigel, great-aunt of Lawrence A. Weigel. From this union 3 children were born: Clara died in 1909 at a very young age, and John married Catherine Dreiling. Their 1st child was Augusta, mother of Elizabeth (Brungardt) Dreiling. From the 1798 census of Herzog, obtained by AHSGR in Lincoln, Nebraska from St. Petersburg, we learn about John Dreiling I, and his wife Anna Maria Wosler, and about his son John Dreiling Ii. Fr. Michael Dreiling also gave valuable information.



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