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The Graff's in the 1766 census of Graf we also learn that Johannes had a daughter Anna Dorthea. In 1798 census of Graf, we learn that he had a son Anton married to Barbara Spies and Chaisol. Anton had 2 sons Michael and Sebastian, born 1796. Sebastian came to America on the Steamship "Suevia" From Hamburg Germany arriving in New York on Aug. 3, 1876. He was an old man of 80 years old - the oldest male person to come from Russia and settle in Victoria, KS. In 1998 Dr. Igor Pleve, archivist in Saratov Russia sent information on the Graf family to Kevin Rupp which confirmed everything I had in my records, plus he gave us the names of Sebastian's wives. Dr. Pleve also said that the Graf family moved from Graf to Louis Russia in 1817? 1821. In the 1766 census of Graf Russia we learn that Johannes Graf, was the Vorsteher of the colony, that he and his family came from Neustadt, Germany that he was craftsman, a Catholic. Hermann's I received the 1767 census of Mariental, Russia from Dr. Kramer U Of California and noted there were two Hermann's listed. 1. Nicolas's of Luxemburg and Conrad of Bitch, France. Through via e-mail I asked Dr. Pleve from which of the 2 Hermann's Anton Herman descended. Anton is the descendant of Nicolas of Luxemburg. Jacob M. Herrman was one of the finest men in the Liebenthal, KS community. Well versed in English, he could visit on any subject. He was self-educated and a credit to his family, church, and community. All respected him, and his word was as good as gold. A devout Catholic, active in the Lord, a good farmer, this man was proud of his Volga German background. His great- great-great-great-great grandpa Conrad (1716) would have been proud of him. Fr. Raphael Engel as a valiant woman describes Younger Catherine Younger, a great grandma of Florian and Clara's children. He wrote that she was strongly sanguine, a lively talker, ever progressive in her ways, and that she made friends easily. She was scrumptiously conscientious. She tolerated no filth, was a good cook and economical in the management of the kitchen. She was five feet in height and dark eyes and jet-black hair. She lived to be 90 years old and died Sept. 1, 1949. John Peter Junker, came to USA in 1876, and stayed in Topeka for a year. Martin Junker, father of Catherine came to Ellis Co. in 1877 and settled on a farm 2 miles northeast of Schoenchen. Peter, the father of Martin came to Ellis Co. to inspect the country when he escaped a near fatal accident. While walking through tall grass near the Smoky he suddenly came upon a rattlesnake, coiled up and ready to strike, and hissing. He had never seen a rattlesnake he was amused and teased it not realizing the irate critter could inflict its deadly venom. He died in Topeka of pneumonia in 1877 at age 72. The Knolls the 1766 census of Herzog (Susly) Russia obtained by the Ellis Co. Volga German Society from Igor, archivist of Engels and Marx Russia. The 1798 census of Herzog, Russia obtained by AHSGR in Lincoln, Nebr from the archives in St. Petersburg, Russia. Al Riedels St. Peter Kansas History Book. From the 1766 census we learn: Andreas Knoll was a Catholic, a farmer and he was born in Dafelburg, Germany in 1732. From the 1798 census we learn: Franz Knoll and wife. They had 2 sons and 3 daughters. John J. Linenberger b. 1-6-1867 in Herzog, Russia. In 1878 he came with his parents to the USA and settled in Herzog (Victoria). He married Catherine Brungardt. John was one of he most gifted artistic carpenters in Kansas, and was also endowed with a wonderful talent of stone carving. In that capacity he assisted the stonecutter brought in from outside to do the ornamental work in the Cathedral of the Plains. Examples of his fine artistic woodwork are the two inside the altars in St. Fidelis Church. In the cemetery are numerous native limestone markers carved by this talented man. His German engraving on these markers is beautiful. On the monastery wall built in 1902 is a bas-relief with a two-toned effect, which John achieved by splitting a slab of fencepost limestone through its brown streak and smoothing it so that when he carved into it, the light buff under the brown would show. In addition to being a master carpenter, he was also a fine stonemason, stone carver, and native limestone grave maker. It is only recent years that people realize the great skills of this quiet man. He did much of his work for very little pay. John died as a relatively young man. 7-8-1919, age 52. He was the father of the talented church painter, Alex Linenberger, and son of Joseph Linenberger. John Linenberger, was a man who never received the recognition he deserved while he was alive. We know today by his work, which still is evident, that this quiet man was one of the most skilled and talented men among the Volga Germans. The 1798 census of Herzog states that Nicholas Fisch took young Georg Linenberger from Mariental and that Georg married Katrina Merz. This is Han-Joerg the boy the Kirghiz had captured in 1775. He was 21 when he escaped and returned to his family. The Linenbergers were the skilled carpenters, painters; stone masons singers, writers, musicians and other artistic skills in Victoria for the past 120 years. Son Wilbert carried on the traditional carpentry skill of his Linenberger forefathers. Nick J. Pfannenstiel and Lawrence A. Weigel being interviewed by The Hays Daily News Jan. 13, 1957 about their project to preserve precious folk songs for posterity. Nieck J. was considered the finest lead tenor singer the Volga Germans had produced. For 4 years Nick was singing in the church choir's weddings and funerals. He taught Lawrence many of the songs and today we have to thank Nick that our songs were not lost. Johann Adam Pfannenstiel moved from Mariental to Obermonjour in 1790 as a single man and married in 1791.



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