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The WERTH FAMILY HEREITAGE BOOK (piblished by Beatrice Bayley, Inc., Sterling, PA, 1981) lists 223 Werth families in the USA. The Hays telephone directory of. 1980, in addition to Werth families that I know who live in other states, number 108 Werth families not listed in the WERTH FAMILY HERITAGE BOOK. To the best of my knowledge, there are at least 331 Werth families in the United States in 1987. The birth place of Fredrich and Lucy (Ebel) Werth is Schoenchen, Russia, located on the east side of the Volga River in the District of Samara, Russia. Schoenchen was founded there in 1770, approximately 40 miles northeast of Katharinenstadt. Schoenchen, a catholic village, was located between two Catholic villages, Solothurn (Wittman) to the north and Zug (Gattung) to the south. By 1773 Schoenchen had 54 families. In 1860 it had a population of 1200, and in 1918 it had 3194 parishioners. Capuchin priests were the first to minister ot the people of Schoenchen, followed by George Leibham, a native from German colony near Odessa, Russia, was a pastor at the time when many coolonists left for America. He built a beautiful stone church in 1903-04. He died in Schoenchen, Russia in 1910. The S.S> Suevia departed from hamburg, Germany on July 19, 1876. It landed in New York August 3, 1876. On the ship were a number of Volga German people who come from Schoenchen, Russia on the Volga. Among them were: WERTH-Fredrich and his wife Lucia and 4 children. They settled in Ellis Co. Kansas in the town of Schoenchen. The grandparents of Fredrich Werth were Carl and Catherine (Kern) Werth. THe death certificate of John Peter Werth (State of Kansas Division of Vital Statistics, 26-641) sates that Carl Werth and Catherine Kern are the parents of John Peter Werth, who was born on July 21, 18366 in Schoenchen, Russia. John Peter Werth was the youngest brother of John Werth. Therefore (concluded that the parents of JOhn Werth were Carl and Catherine (Kern) Werth. They lived and died in Russia. John Werth (1827-1875) married Anna Mertz in Schoenchen, Russia. They lived and died in Russia. John Werth farmed on a small scale and hauled the daily water supply for the village of Schoenchen from the Volga River. John and Anna (Mertz) Werth were the parents of Frederich Werth, who was born on August 15, 1846. PARENTS OF LUCY EBEL JOHN HENRY AND CLEMENTIME (LEIKAM) EBEL The father of Lucy Ebel was John Henry Ebel (the surname Ebel appears in Alsace-Lorraine, France), and her mother was Clementina Leikam. John Henry Ebel was born 1820 at Schoenchen, district of Samara, Russia. He was an attorney and a district judge. Fredrick Werth Sr., the son-in-law of John Henry Ebel, called him "Der grosse Richter" (district Judge). For a number of years John Henry Ebel kept records at Schoenchen of all marriages, births, deaths, funerals, and handled other legal documents. At the end of each year he sent all records to the city of Sarratove, Russia, where they kept on file. John Henry Ebel was also a grain merchant; he bought and sold wheat in Russia. John Henry and Clementina Ebel lived and died in Russia. THeir daughter Lucy Ebel was born Nov. 1, 1850. She married Fredrich Werth, Sr. on Sept. 27, 1867. VOYAGE TO AMERICA A few years after their marriage, together with other emigrants of Schoenchen, Munjor, and Liebenthal, Frederich and Lucyy Werth, and their children, left the upper Volga region in June, 1876, to travel to Saratov. After the emigrants arrived at Sartov, they boarded a train to Warsaw, Poland, Berlin, and Hamburg, Germany. They left Hamburg on the ship Suevia on July 19, 1876 and arrived at New York after a voyage of about three weeks. In New YOrk they made arrangements with Mr. Adam Roedelheimer, an agent of the Kansas Pacific Railraod, for transportation to Ellis County, Kansas, for the sum of $11.52 per passenger. They arrived in Hays, Kansas at 10th and Main Street, during the first part of August, 1876. On August 14, they arrived at Big timber Township in Rush County, Kansas and settled a few miles north of Liebenthal, Kansas. On Sept. 6, 1876, Fredrich and Lucy Werth's only daughter, Clementina, was born in a hastily impoverished sod hut. During May of 1877, the Frederich Werth family helped to found Schoenchen, Kansas when they moved to the Wouthwest Quarter of Section 28, Township 15, Range 18, which is still the site of Schoenchen in 1988. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------



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