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Generation 1 DESCENDANTS OF JOHANNES AND ANNA ELIZABETH (SATTLER) KRANNEWITTER, 1. Johannes Krannewitter born 1731, Weisbach, Germany, Occupation: Farmer, MARRIED c. 1766, Elizabeth Sattler, born c. 1738, Germany. Johannes DIED c. 1782, OBERMONJOU, RUSSIA. Johannes and Anna Elizabeth arrived in OBERMONJOU 8/3/1767. He listed his place of origin as Weisbash, Germany, and his occupation as baker. He stated that he was a Catholic. His youngest daughter Katherine was BORN in 1779. He was not listed in a register of OBERMONJOU residents compiled in 1785. This would indicate that he died sometime between 1779 and 1785. Elizabeta and Johannes died, she MARRIED Johannes Neulist. She and Johannes Neulist have no children of their own but adopted Christian Minrad (Meinrad), an orphan from Solothurn (Wittmann). Children: Margareta Krannewitter born 1768 Gerhard Krannewitter born 1770 Katherine Krannewitter born 1779, RUSSIA. When the 1798 census of OBERMONJOU was taken Katherine was living at the house of her mother Anna Elizabeth Sattler and stepfather Johannes Neulist. Second Generation Margareta Krannewitter born 1768, OBERMONJOU, RUSSIA MARRIED Josef and Margareta were living at the house of Josef's mother Anna Maria Hartman, 68, and her second husband Wilhelm Seib, 53. I t was noted in the census that Josef's father was Valentine Neuberger, deceased Children Margareta Nurnberger born 1794, OBERMONJOU, RUSSIA. Sebastian Krannewitter born 7/11/1800, OBERMONJOU, RUSSIA, Occupation: Farmer MARRIED Katherine Margareta Brehm, born c 1800 DIED 11/20/1873, RUSSIA. Sebastian died 7/11/1885, OBERMONJOU, RUSSIA. In the 1834 OBERMONJOU census Joseph, ONE month old, was listed with his parents, Sebastian and Catharina (SIS) Krannewitter. In the 1850 OBERMONJOU census, Joseph, 16, was again listed at his parent's house. In a letter written 8/14/1878, from Anton BOOS to his son-in-law Adam Krannewitter of Valle Maria, Argentina, Anton stated that Joseph was fine but that Joseph's wife had died a few weeks previously. No children were referred to in the letter. Margaretha Krannewitter born 1839, OBERMONJOU, RUSSIA. In the 1850 OBERMONJOU census Maria Margaretta, 11, was listed at the home of her parents Sebastian and Catherine Krannewitter. No further information is available. Peter Kronwitter born 1860, OBERMONJOU, RUSSIA: Farmer MARRIED c. 1880 in OBERMONJOU, RUSSIA, Maria Dorothea BOOS, born 1858, OBERMONJOU, RUSSIA (daughter of Anton BOOS and Katherine Margaret Schreiner) DIED 15-Oct 1934, Volga Colonies, RUSSIA. Peter died 2-Dec-1932, RUSSIA. Peter and his family moved to the U.S. in 1903. After living in the U.S. for 21 years Peter and his wife Maria Dorothea BOOS returned to OBERMONJOU, RUSSIA. Finding living conditions too difficult Peter and his wife attempted to return to the U.S. but got only as far as the Black Sea when Russian soldiers caught up with them and took them back to OBERMONJOU. In 1931 Peter was imprisoned and sent to Siberia. In 1932 he returned to OBERMONJOU where he died Maria died of starvation a few years later. He spelled his last name "Kronwitter." Anna Margaret KRONEWITTER born 10 Aug 1856, OBERMONJOU, RUSSIA, MARRIED Conrad BEFORT DIED 12 Aug. 1914, MUNJOR, Ellis Cnty., K.S. Anna died 1 Aug 1923, MUNJOR, Ellis Cnty, KS. Anna Margaret KRONEWITTER BEFORT's death records list her father as Gerhard KRONEWITTER (sic) and her mother Christina, no maiden name was given. Anna Margaret and her husband Conrad BEFORT moved to the U.S. in 1876. Informant (Barbara STEINBOCK).



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