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GRAND RAPIDS MICHIGAN AREA: Did you know Raelynn Hamelink in the late 60's?? Here's my story: I was placed in my adoptive home at the age of 2 1/2 years old -born Dec. 18 1968 at Butterworth Hospital in Grand Rapids Michigan. My name has always been Judy from birth. I have gotten my non-identifying information from DA Blodgett Adoption Agency where I was adopted through. Since that time I have found my biological mothers side of the family. I found out I have a younger half brother and I have met him! In the envelope from the adoption agency, my birthmother also wrote a letter and left a ring for me -both have touched my heart! My birth mother was Raelynn Marcia Hamelink. DOB: 2/22/51. She had me when she was 17-I never got to meet her, she died on 2/17/89 at age 37. To my knowledge she lived in Grand Rapids Michigan and also Kansas City Missouri. Her parents, my grandparents were Raymond Hamelink (Died in 1969) and wife Eileen (Murray) Hamelink (Died in 1974)- Both in their 50's! Her much older brother Terry died in 1990 at the age of 50 and my birth mothers parents both died before reaching 60 years old. She did have another brother, Norm, who passed away in January 2014-the day before I was going to meet him! I am searching for my birthfather. The unfortunate part is that my mother listed a man as my birth father, gave all the non-identifying info and his name to the adoption agency. So when I hired a CI to open my adoption records, she went to work on looking for him. She found him in June of 2014, I excitedly booked a flight back to Michigan to meet him. Things went great! Met his neice, we look so much alike! ...unfortunately the paternity test came back that he is not my father. I truly believe my mother thought this man was my father. So no I am back to looking for anyone that knew my mother back in the late 60's. My father would have bloodtype O. I have done DNA testing with Ancestry, 23andMe as well as FTDNA in hopes of finding someone from my fathers side, some kind of link that will lead me in the right direction. I'm not looking to disrupt anyone's life or cause problems. I simply want my father to know that he fathered a child. That I am alive and well and I am here if he wants a relationship. I want to known where I came from, who I look like etc, but I also want to know the medical history of his side of the family. Please contact me if you or someone you know have any information or knew Raelynn (or Lynn)Hamelink or she also was married twice with last name of Smith and the other was Decker. You can view photos and more info on my facebook page at



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