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I was adopted at the age of 2 years old -born Dec. 18 1968 at Butterworth Hospital in Grand Rapids Michigan. My name has always been Judy from birth. I have gotten my non-identifying information from DA Blodgett Adoption Agency where I was adopted through. Since that time I have found my biological mothers side of the family. I found out I have a younger half brother and I have met him! In the envelope from the adoption agency, my birthmother also wrote a letter and left a ring for me -both have touched my heart! My birth mother was Raelynn Marcia Hamelink. DOB: 2/22/51. She had me when she was 17-I never got to meet her, she died on 2/17/89 at age 37. To my knowledge she lived in Grand Rapids Michigan and also Kansas City Missouri. Her parents, my grandparents were Raymond Hamelink (Died in 1969) and wife Eileen (Murray) Hamelink (Died in 1974)- Both in their 50's! Her much older brother Terry died in 1990 at the age of 50 and my birth mothers parents both died before reaching 60 years old. She did have another brother, Norm, who is still living-but he doesn't recall much of the details from back then. I am searching for my birthfather, who was 19 at the time of my birth and last known to live in Kalamazoo. At the time of the adoption my mother gave his information as being 5'9" tall, 160 pounds, medium build, fair complexion with red hair and green eyes. He was a high school graduate. She told the adoption agency that they dated for a short time and that he knew of the pregnancy. I am looking for any information possible from anyone who may know him. From what I've been told, he did know that my mother was pregnant. It was my grandmother that threatened him telling him if he didn't leave her daughter alone, she would have him charged with rape (he was 19 my mother was 17) -not sure if he saw her after that, or ever saw me, but family members remember that part. Other than the simple fact that for many years I have wanted to find my biological famiy, I have been having some medical things come up over the past few years and really want to know my as much as possible about family medical history. All I have right now is my moms disclosure to the adoption agency about her side of the family - Alcoholism, diabetes, Coronary Heart disease and vitamin A deficiency ran in the family. Scary when my mother died in her 30's & her brother died at 50 and my grandparents died in their mid 50's. Please contact me if you or someone you know have any information or knew Raelynn (or Lynn)Hamelink or sha also was married twice with last name of Smith and the other was Decker.



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