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I am searching for my child that I BELIEVE to be a boy. I did not get to look at him during his birth nor did I know I was expecting while I went into labor, I know hard to believe. I was not showing. He was delivered in a home my aunts home in Texas during the year 1973 in Del Rio Texas the month was June between the dates of June 18th to the 26th not to sure what date he was born on due to me having a fever and them placing me under medication to keep me from knowing I was expecting a child. I was from California. I was only 15yrs at the time my boyfriend had broken up with me he was from Wilmington,Cal & I at the time was here & there my parents were going thru a divorce. I loved my babies father with all my heart that I didn't know how to go on without him in my life so my mother and grandmother took me away to Texas so that I COULD forget about him but I couldn't. Then one day I went into labor I could hear them talking with the doctor and my mother & her cousins saying Im resting and the doctor saying not to worry he will do his part they just need to make sure the priest is ready. Then I remember hearing a baby crying & the doctor saying its a healthy baby boy & them talking to the priest and him taking my son away. I turned to my mother and could only whisper TO my mother why & she put her head down & I fell back to sleep being weak & medicated. I don't even know what day my son was born for sure or time I just know they took him from me without my permission. I've suffered all these forty years with a hole in my heart not knowing if he's okay if he's happy and healthy if he even knows that he was taken from me that I NEVER gave him up and if he even knew where he was really born in Del Rio Texas in a home and that he was taken from his real mother me Theresa Lujan. I need to find him I want him to know that I LOVE HIM & need him in my life if he is alive himself. If there is anyone out there who has heard anything remotely of a story somewhat like this please let me know get a hold of me by email. There might be a possibility that an relative in Monterey Mexico named Maggie Mendez might of even taken him she was an aunt with lots of wealth that picked up a baby I was told a few weeks later from the church but that it was a girl back then in July of 1973. If anyone knew her and knows she raised a child around that time I need to know. She would be gone now. I know its taken me long to come out with this I just always felt no one would ever help me or believe me. Please any one ask around and contact me. I love you Angel that's what I'd always pray that the Lord would watch over my Angel. You have lots of brothers and sister to meet. Angel was born between June 19 to the 28th 1973 Del Rio Texas Might of been taken to Monterey Mexico I am an American mother his father is Mexican Philippino.



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