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I am searching for my twin sister born November 29,1953.We were born at Home Private Hospital in Old Town,Maine.She was given up for adoption at birth by Albert N. Tidwell and Rose Lorraine Lacadie Tidwell.I think she was adopted by a family member or someone living in the Bradley,Milford,Old Town Maine area.She is probably 5'8" and has very fair skin and dark brunette,naturally curly hair. She would also have green eyes and maybe light freckling across nose.She probably has an inherited bleeding disorder called Von Willen Brands Disease and has a problem clotting and bruises easily.This is a genetic disease from the Tidwell side of the family.We had 6 kids in the family and all of us inherited this disease and some others.It's very manageable but I can't have any surgery without an infusion so my blood will clot.I didn't learn I was a twin until I was 26 but always felt the twin bond and had many dreams as a child and told my mother and she'd deny knowing why.My younger sister told me when I was 26 that I was a twin and I've been approached by many people who think they know me but I don't know them.Both of my parents are dead now and because of medical problems I truly need to find her.The last time I was hospitalized in Bangor at St.Joseph's Hospital a nurse came into my room for a new shift and thought she knew me.She was very upset that I wouldn't acknowledge her that she kept trying to tell me I lived in Milford Me. with my mom on the Call Road.I don't live there but I have lived on the Call Rd. when I was married 1st time and my last name was Richards.The nurse did point out that the reason she believed this was because of my appearance and my voice.I have a very soft voice and I say some of my words like Forrest Gump did. I put the accent in the wrong place and am teased about this habit. When people call my house they always think I'm a young girl and I'm 60.I don't talk like a little girl,my voice is just soft so my husband says.This nurse argued until I pointed out that I was in the Cardiac ICU because I was very sick and really didn't need her to accuse me of hiding my identity.I also have many food,drug and chemical allergies that are hard to deal with.I'm hoping someone knows who she is and will write to me.She probably has gray hair by now but if it's like mine it's only in her bangs and sides in front of her ears.It would be a dream come true to be able to find her and I could share an extensive medical history she probably doesn't know.I don't want anything from her other than to find her before I'm too old to look and tell her family genetic history.I come from a huge French family on my mother's side and Dad's is mostly English and from Utah.I would appreciate any help.Thank you.



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