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I'm looking for my twin sister given up for birth by my parents Albert N. Tidwell and Rose L. Tidwell. We were born at Home Private Hospital on Carrol Street in Old Town,Maine on Nov.29.1953. I was born first and she was born a few minutes later. My mother wasn't told she was expecting twins and when the second baby delivered she wasn't crying. The nurse picked her up and removed her. They told my mother she had died and she never asked to see her and their is no grave. I was a full-term pregnancy and weighed 7 1/2 lbs. They were very poor and had a year old daughter at home. Many babies are born and don't cry until they are suctioned and I believe this is what happened. They moved to Ca. and then Utah before settling in AZ. I left Me. at 6 mos. and returned at 16 and finished school. I have been looking for her for over 20 yrs. and would really like to find her as I have an extensive genetic, medical background she needs to know. I have been mistaken repeatedly for this twin and it's my dream to find her. I do believe she's still alive and as my parents have passed on there is no reason I shouldn't look. I kind of get the feeling it was an in the family adoption because I came from a very large French family. The problem is that many times promises are made to never reveal the truth. I have always felt that somehow we would meet and I could feel whole. I had constant twin dreams as a child but wasn't told until I was 26 by a younger sister. There are 8 sets of twins on my dads side and his mother was a set of identical twins. We have had one set of fraternal twins born to my niece. This is my 3rd query and I wrote the possible description in the previous one. I read about reunions and see them on TV all the time. I'm just praying someone will help me reunite with my twin sister. It seems like an endless journey and I'm not good with computers and not on Facebook so I feel limited in this search. I'm not on Facebook because I tried once and I'm too shy and too many people want into your life. She is out there and I just need to find a few pieces to this puzzle. I would appreciate any help I can get. Thank you so much.



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