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I am looking for you...God willing, you are looking for me. I am a female, born December 30,1968 in St. Louis MO, but I am not sure of the hospital. Many many years ago when I was in Jr. High, I remember my adoptive mother showing me my birth certificate and it stated my adoptive parents name but not the biological names, and that I was born 12/30/68 and baptized 1/7/69. I was told that I was adopted through Catholic Social Services and that the only thing known about my biological parents is that they are of Irish/Italian descent and that they were young. The people that adopted me have the last name of Gephart and they are both from small towns in Illinois(Highland/Edwardsville/Collinsville). I have fine brown hair that started to gray early and is naturally curly, and I have big hazel eyes that are like a mood ring, but I was told they were brown when was born. I do have what could be perceived as "light Irish skin" but come the spring/summer, I bronze easily like the color of caramel. I'm okay with making contact if I am to find any biological relatives, but my main purpose is just to know my lineage, where I came from. I'm looking for you...God willing, you are looking for me. I will also submit my application to the Missouri Adoption Information Registry and if any biological relatives are looking for me then it will be one extra tool to use in our search for each other. UPDATE 3.22.2014 - I spoke to a gentleman at Catholic Charities of St. Louis (now Good Shepherd) and he pulled my record and has provided me with a little bit of non-ID information. I was Baby Girl Kimberly, born 12/30/1968 at the Desloge (now St. Louis Univ Med Ctr). My mother was 19 and working as a clerical worker at the time. She had 2 older sisters that had families. Her father owned a business with his brothers, possibly an insurance company. There was no information the B.M gave about her mother. I was told that the "alleged" father was a 19 year old student studying physics and bio-engineering (O how I hope he doesn't make GMO foods now - lol). It was said that he was from Clayton, MO and his family owned a clothing store. The birth mother signed consent for adoption 3/17/1969, went to court with her sister to relinquish her maternal rights 7/28/1969 and I was legally adopted 8/7/1970 in St Louis County Juvenile Court by Judge Weinstein, and the case was closed Jan 1971. It is said my birth mother was of English/Irish/German descent with dark blonde hair, blue eyes and a fair complexion. The birth father is said to have had dark hair, dark eyes and an olive complexion. Since he was studying physics and bio-engineering I would think he is really smart. Nothing was said about the birth father consenting to terminate his paternal rights or even showing up at court in July 1969 when the BM gave up her rights, so I have a feeling that my birth father does not even know about me. And the man at the adoption agency said I was "Baby Girl Kimberly" but I don't know if that would have been my first name or last name. Thank you for taking the time to read this. We're all looking for someone important to us... God willing they are looking for us too. Best of success to all in their search.



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