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My beautiful twin daughters serenity marie edwards and selina maria edwards were taken from me when i was just 17 yrs. ofAGE IN CHEMUNG COUNTY DSS. I WAS A SINGLE MOTHER WITH NO FAMILY OR FRIENDS UE TO AN ABUSIVE PAST AND MOTHER BEING DECEASED I GREW UP IN THE FOSTER CARE SYSTEM. I NEVER ABUSED OR MISTREATED MY CHILDREN THEY ARE ALL I HAVE EVER HAD IN LIFE.... LOSING THEM HAS BEEN BY FAR THE HARDEST THING I HAVE EVER HAD TO DEAL WITH IN MY LIFETIME. IF ANYONE HAS SEEN OR EVEN HAS THEM PLEASE CONTACT ME EVEN IF YOU WANT ME TO PLAY AUNTIE IM OK I JUST WANT TO BE INVOLVED THEY ARE ALL I HAVE I HAVE WENT THROUGH PSYCH EVALS DRUG EVALS AND PARENTING AND ANGER MANAGEMENT I MISSED MY COURT DATE DUE TO A COURT MATTER IN NYC I WAS UNABLE TO GET TO ELMIRA. I NEVER WANTED THIS I LOVE MY KIDS WITH MY LIFE THEY ARE MY LIFE AND EACH DAY THAT PASSES WITH THEM GONE GETS EVEN HARDER nd hRDER TO BEr. i keep thinking of each little sound the distinctive cries my daughters had the different coos theyre littele hand and the mongolian spot on serenitys bum and selinas hip and ankle... the mole on serenitys bum.... i miss them so much my heart left with them that was my light at the end of the tunnel and now my motivation is bringing them home ..... PLEASE HELP....



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