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I am helping my husband search for his birth parents. He would very much like to find them! Scott's birth certificate states he was born on July 4th, 1967. But, the actual date may be right around there. He was born at DePaul Hospital in Norfolk, Va. His birth mother was said to have blonde hair and blue eyes. Her last name may have been Millard and from North Carolina. His biological father MUST have been Italian, or of Mediterrean descent due to our daughter's inherited blood type that could only be from his side, as we had to have genetic testing done. Therefore, we know this to be accurate. Scott looks a lot like the actor Stanley Tucci - nose, hair line -- could be his brother --hehe. Scott tans well, very calm, and a great athlete - baseball. Unfortunately, the lawyer whom arranged the adoption is long since deceased and his adoptive mother says she has not other info. to share with us. Scott is curious to find out if he has any other biological brothers or sisters out there as family means the world to him. He has felt that sense of "something missing" for so long , that I hope I can help him find that piece of himself. He wants so much to know where he "comes from" and whom he looks like. He's never been the type to be upset to have been given up for adoption at all. Never think that. He just longs to know where he comes from. He is such an amazing husband and father that I want to help him anyway I can to find this out. I hope if you can answer any of these questions for him, you will respond. Thank you for your time.



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