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I am searching for my blood relative. The daughter born to my Sister Patricia Geil Bartels. There are a couple of records that I have found on I discovered the following potential matches. The thing is the Birth was at French Hospital in San Francisco California, and the adoption was done thru the Catholic Adoption Society in Alameda County. Possible match 1: Karen Robin Brooks b: Jul 15, 1964 in Alameda Co. California Father: Gerald R. Brooks (a Married man she worked with) Mother: Anna F. Bartels Please note that my grandfather wouldn't have an unwed mother in the family. We had relatives high up in the Gov. at that time and the family would not let my sister keep the child. The name Anna F is my Grandmothers name. She is the only Anna Frances or Anna F Bartels in California at any time. Grandmother's family name was Reubhausen. Grandmothers family goes way way back in connections to the Catholic Church actually to biblical times and the village of Reub. I feel that the Brooks lead is my best one, as to what actually went on record of the adoption. Possuible match 2: Baby Girl DoB 05 20 1968 BARTELS=Mother FEMALE SAN FRANCISCO MESSENGER( a single line with this last name instead of Bartels as the child's name) the only two baby's on record were both the same day and same name for birth mother. Bartels, Patricia G. She did not have twins DoB 05 20 1968 BARTELS (Baby Girl) FEMALE SAN FRANCISCO The only difference is I would have been 7 years old and would have noticed my sister being pregnant. Plus she met her husband long after the adoption & birth, which was 1967 when she met him and moved in 1968 to Ohio to get married. So the Brooks one is also showing alameda county and that I do know was where the SF Bay Area sent the Catholic babies for adoption, in Oakland I think. So if any of the above looks even remotely close feel free to contact me I am on facebook @ B Ann Loray. To my niece out there somewhere. I wanted to say that your mother loved you everyday of her life. She died very young at 43 from Leukemia. There is some DNA health info I have as well. I donated Bone Marrow to try to save her, and she is the first documented case of AML (Acute Mylogenic Leukemia) that needed the same fingerprint match of the blood platelets donor as would a marrow donor. I was the only choice for both , and it wasn't legal for me to donate both. So I suggested we search for her child. She didn't know I knew. We had a long talk about it, and she said a day NEVER EVER went by that she didnt think of you. You were very much wanted by my sister, my mother would have raised you as a sibling, she even begged her brother your great uncle to adopt you, however, his wife wouldn't have it. So heartbroken she had no choice, our family name was very good, and I have so much history about your family to share. Your bloodline dates back to the 4th crossing of the Mayflower, and you are qualified to be a member of the DAR or Daughters of the American Revolution. We have the family name Mann which is my mothers name. Benjamin Mann was a well known soldier at all of the historic battles during the founding days of this country. His daughter Betsey Mann, is interesting, she married Samuel Wilson, he was a very faous person, he is the REAL Uncle Sam, yes he did exist. Her other suitor, whom she did not choose, was Johnny Appleseed ... Yes Really!! Please find your Auntie, I am 52 I would be just about 4-5 yrs older than you. I have two living brothers. One was your mom's age John Born in 1945, and David Born in 1958, and me born in 1961, and your mother, born June 4th 1947. This is a lot of info I apologize for that, I just want it out there somewhere that your have a another part of the faily that wants to meet you. You also have a sister named Kimberly born 1975, and a brothe Charles born 1979 the last name is Hacker.



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