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My Sister was given up for adoption through Catholic Community Services. There was only one Bldg open back then in 1970. I have confirmed through their receptionist "Chritie" that it was indeed at their site and that "Heather Denise" had not ever called in and asked any questions regarding her adoption, but Christie had taken down my name, number and address to surely give her if she ever did and of course i would check in monthly just to make sure? Then OUR Birth Father Died and when i called to notify the birth Mother, I asked her @ Heather Denise? And She said "I havent spoken that name in over 25 years! You see because when she got pregnant with my Fathers child. She was Married to another man with 5 kids together and he had had a Vasectomy? (OOOPS!) So she lied to her Husband and told him it was a 1 night stand from a bar even though shed had this affair with my Dad for years so her Husband stayed? And when the baby came he took her to Holy Cross Hospital on 1st S 9th E. and held her hand as she gave birth to my Fathers beautiful baby girl. Her Husband even signed the Birth certificate as if he were the real Father, James Kenneth Neumeier. But she secretly named the baby girl after her secret True Love "Heather Denise" using the initials of my Fathers name "Hyrum Doyle" and then she signed her FULL name "Frances Charlene zubal Neumeier. and they gave the child over for adoption and went home and told their 5 children the little girl died in childbirth? and James called both set of Parents and told them the same thing and then they never ever spoke her name again! Until i called her the day after OUR Dad died! cuz i didnt think she cared a thing about her! And she didnt! She was just mad at all the info i had dug up on my own because she still had a secret to hide? so she swore to me she would do everything in her power to find her from that second on (SHE LIED) but i had to swear to her that i would stop all my efforts immediatly that very day or she swore to me she would see to it that i never find her thereby failing my promise to my dyeing Father that i made to him that i would indeed one day find here i swore i would! and charlene called Catholic Community Services and im sure she gave Christie the riot act so thats why i only know that she hadnt called there as of the year 1998? So for the 1st 2 years Charlene fished me along sending me letters every few monthes leading me on saying she went to a psycic who zerod in on Heather and apparantly one of her Adoptive Parents had passed away the psycic said so Heather felt very loyal to that Oarent and very quilty about ever looking us up at that time? Then charlene said the psycic zerod in on me and said she could feel the pain i was going through after just losing my Father and she knew of the ptomise i made to my Father to find Heather? And then she saw into the future and saw heather finding us and she said it would be a GLORIOUS REUNION! AND THAT ME AND HEATHER WOULD BE BEST FRIENDS! and that was the last letter i ever got from her? i sent her letters? no reply? 15 years go by and i finally call her one day and ask her what the heck? Ive kept my promise! whats the real D.O.B. for Heather? And she said Havent you realized by now? Ill never tell you? All ive told you up to this point is lies to throw you off? I quite looking for her the day i gave her up! And you need to accept that and give it up? I just bawled ao hard and begged and begged? And she was just so heartless and cruel! Well, i never gave up and ive been looking for her for 19 years now! AND I KNOW SHE NEEDS ME AS BAD AS I NEED HER! CUZ SHES MY SISTER! AND SISTERS NEVER GIVE UP ON EACH OTHER? DO THEY? OR THEIR NOT A REAL SISTER? sO I WILL SEARCH TILL THE DAY I DIE BUT I KNOW WITH ALL MY HEART IM GONNA FIND HERE ANY SECOND, ANY MINUTE, ANYDAY, HERE real close, CUZ I CAN FEEL HER? I REALLY CAN? AND SHE RIGHT AROUD THE CORNER! CLOSER THAN IVE EVER FELT HER BEFORE? AND IM SOOO EXCITED I CAN HARDLY CONTAIN IT! i JUST WANT TO SHOUT FOR joy! joy! joy! Cuz my Sista is coming home to me finally! And my name is Lucretia Ann Alice Winger Jones and my cell is 720-338-4727 so please reach me by phone cuz i NEVER check my email. And OUR Fathers name was Hyrum Doyle Winger and he was Jr class president and Student Body President of his High School. recd 4.0 G.P.A All through And He was voted most likely to Suceed! He was the most Charismatic guy in H.S. and College were he also had 4.0 G.P.A All through! Im bragging, but i just want Heather to know what a great Dad she comes from? Heck, thats nothing? His real greatness came from the peoples lives he touched and changed for the better just because he could! Ask anyone who knew him and they will tell you they LOVED him! He just had that effect on people. He was the greatest Dad in this whole wide world! And i cant live until i let Heather know how much he loved her! and how special she is to have come from such a great man! Lucretia Ann Alice Winger Jones Looking for Heather Denise Neumeier born on or @ March 9, 1970 at Holy Cross, Hospitol 1sr S. 9th E. S.L.C., Utah my cell # is 720-338-4727 please call or text! i dont listen to my voicemail im just irresponsible, i admit it? but im trying? My Sister will help me with this huh? Thank you so much!



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