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I am looking for any biological family, especially my birth parents. I would really like to know who gave me life. I know it must have been hard to give me up but I want to thank for not choosing the alternative. I am happy and thankful for this life. My name is Michael. I was born and adopted in 1981 in Durham, North Carolina. I believe I was found at Duke University Hospital and then spent a short amount of time in foster care before being adopted by my adoptive parents in June, 81. I have had a great life, lots of love and a wonderful childhood. My parents and my brother have always treated me like their own blood and I would not change a thing about my upbringing. My search for birth family is a quest brought on initially by curiosity but now has grown into the need to feel complete and whole. I was always interested in knowing my background, wanted to know my ethnicity. My girlfriend had bought me a DNA kit just to find out if I was German, lol. Neither of us expected to be matched by DNA to hundreds of people, mostly 3rd -8th cousins. It started a search and has spiraled into a daily job. It is both fascinating and crippling to know I have so much blood related family. I have reached out to some. Been ignored by many but helped by a few. I am hopeful to find answers. I do not harbor any bad feelings to my biological family. I don't even have to know why I was given up. It is after all, better than the other option. I just want to know if I have anyone out there. Do they know about me? Do they want to know me too? Two of my saddest moments so far was while on They wanted me to start a family tree and I just cannot do it. I am a lone stump with no branches or leaves. The other is when I was linked to a possible 2nd cousin and I was ignored, my messages were left unanswered. I have a profile on, GEDmatch and, username dukeblue481.



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