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I am the youngest child of the birth parent, now deceased. She is my Mother, Dolores Jean Clawson, at the time of my eldest brother's birth in Indianapolis, Indiana. She was buried as Dolores J. Clawson (Bailey) In Medaryville, Indiana. it is the same county, Pulaski, that was appointed in her case as she was an unwed mother and they were the Department of Child Services, and took possession of my "preterm delivery" brother, born April 17, 1967. My Mother said she was not even allowed to name him. She wanted to name him John Wesley Clawson. He was simply titled "Infant Clawson" and made a ward of the state. My Mother was living in a home for unwed women and girls who were unseen by society and the counties they had previously lives in, were involved intensely in their cases. This was before Roe V Wade. yet, my Mother was Pro-life. She was a lifelong Republican and the only reason she didn't look for him is because she ran out of time. She was diagnosed with COPD and CHF and a massive E Coli infection at age 48, yet she had been battling the diseases for quite sometime. She succumbed to COPD ten years later the day before Mother's day, 2005. She also delivered a stillborn baby girl who was full term and had a prolapsed umbilical cord and as she was being delivered, her neck has broke. My mother never recovered from losing John, or my sister. There is a brother in between John and Leigh. He was caught in the crossfire between she and the husband, particularly after the death of my sister. I too was born out of wedlock and never had to face a stepfather. Mother never remarried and only had two relationships in my lifetime. She was sad and cried a lot, but she never gave up hope that I would find John and tell him how much she loved him and wanted him. that she never even thought of crazy "back alley" deals and just wanted her baby. he's teh biological child of Viet Nam Naval Pilot who died in December 1966. They were never able to be married hence, the unwed mother non sense with the Department of Child Services. I am sharing everything because I want him to know that he is loved. We have always wondered if he has the family's green eyes and perhaps the wavy, not curly... butter scotch blonde hair, that is red when it's wet. Then it's red as he was a teenager, then dirty blonde as an adult and is 6'6 with a thyroid problem. He's got to have Mom and grandma's green eyes. Bennie joe has them. I don't. I have my Grandpa Clawson's eyes. But, mom had specks of copper in her eyes. The optometrist who did her cataract surgery in 1998, said he had been doing eye surgery for nearly 27 years and he had never seen copper flakes in anyone's eyes, except hers. My brother just has regular green eyes. My daughter comes from two brunettes, her father has blue eyes. But she has strawberry blonde hair that is red when it's wet! She looks just like Mom! Not as much me, more like Grandma. We are from Northern England/Southern Scotland on one side of the UK. Cumbria county, the other side is from The Scottish Highlands and Islands, Ross and Cromarty County, Scotland. We also have Swedish, German and family from Ulster, Northern Ireland. Let's just say we are very stubborn... John, I hope you are looking for us too. We all love you.



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