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Seeking my Birth Mother (name unknown). I was born 10/19/1970 in Utica, NY. My Birth Mother was born between Feburary 20th, 1952- October 18th 1952. My Birth Mother had brown hair, hazel eyes, fair skinned and 5'6" tall. She was of Irish descent and of Roman Catholic faith. She completed 11th grade and aspired to be a beautician. My Birth Mother had a brother born in 1949, a brother born in 1950, a sister born in 1953, a brother born in 1954, a sister born in 1957, a brother born in 1959 and a sister born in 1962. My Birth Mother's parents were divorced at the time of my birth and my Birth Mother's father raised all but the oldest 2 who were on their own. My Birth Mother's father owned a concrete business. Two of my Birth Mother's sibling's had asthma and One of my Birth Mother's sibling's had Polio. All her siblings had brown hair except one who had blond hair. My Birth Mother and Birth Father dated for several months before she became pregnant with me. Upon becoming pregnant with me she moved to live with a cousin's family. When her cousin's family found out they contacted Oneida County Social Services in Utica, NY. She then stayed in foster care until giving birth to me. I was placed for adoption 11/19/1970 through Oneida County Social Services. My Birth Father was born 1947, brown hair and blue eyes. He was 5'10" tall and in 1970 worked as a tree pruner as did his father. My Birth Father enjoyed cars, and softball.



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