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The choice was made for us, not by us. He was our first and though we have others we love dearly, we haven't stopped hurting and searching....hoping or praying. Looking for our son, adopted through the VOA in Shreveport , La. His DOB is January 8th,1988. He had an older brother the AP`s had adopted through the foster care system while they were waiting for a child to be placed with them through the VOA. They waited 4 years, so we are not sure how much older the adopted sibling was. The AP`s had been married for 18 years at the time of the adoption ,the mother could not have children due to having had thyroid cancer ,. and had a tubal. The Father was 38 ,highly successful business owner and investor. He was the second oldest of four.The Mother was 1 of 7 siblings,small , petite, blonde hair blue eyes, played basketball in high school, and was married before she graduated. She was a long time employee of the phone company. They lived in a four bedroom 2 story home on nine acres ,and the A Father`s family lived close by. They attended the Pentecostal church, but did not adhere to the dress code for women. Lived in the North Louisiana area...WE ACTUALLY RECEIVED SOME INFO RECENTLY. HE IS TALL, BLOND AND BLUE EYED. HE LOVES THE LORD AND FOLLOWED HIS ADOPTIVE FATHER, AND IS A BUSINESS MAN. IT WAS A BLESSING IN THAT #1. HE HAS THE lORD IN HIS LIFE #2 HE WAS GIVEN VALUABLE FAMILY MEDICAL HISTORY FROM BOTH MY AND KRISTA'S SIDE OF THE FAMILY. bUT NO NAME, OR PICTURE ONLY THAT I DO PICTURE HIM HAPPY. WE ONLY WISH FOR HIM TO KNOW THAT HE WAS LOVED AND WANTED. WE DIDN'T GIVE HIM AWAY HE WAS TAKEN. WE FOUGHT AND CRIED AND THOUGH HE WAS TAKEN FROM OUR ARMS, THEY COULDN'T TEAR HIM FROM OURS HEARTS. WE WILL NEVER CEASE TO LOVE YOU, NOR EACH OTHER AND WILL CLING TO HOPE TILL THE MOMENT OF DEATH....



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