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My name is Fayth. I am an adult adoptee born 6/21/68. My birth mother's name is Margaret Helen Gaynor McCandless Donnelly. Additionally, at times,, she used the last name Brown. There may be other names used as well. I found our birth mother 10 years ago and reconnected with her last year. I am looking for 2 brothers (one which is my twin) and a sister. She tells me that my younger sister was adopted through Catholic Social Services. She claims that my sister searching's name is Stephanie. Not sure that this is true.Please understand that the stories she tells can be unreliable at times and therefore I am reaching out in hopes that people can pass on my information so that we may connect. Below is my adoption search information: I began searching 13 years ago motivated by the need for medical information for my chronically-ill child. I found and met my three older half siblings in 2004 with the help of some wonderful search angels. Since then, I also met my birth mother and various aunts, uncles and cousins and established relationships ranging from nonexistent to wonderful. Since then, I've learned that there are still two-three more younger half siblings (first is a male prob. born between 1970-1973, the second is a sister that may have been born December 1969-71) and a twin brother born 6/21/68 to Margaret. Birth mother was listed on my hospital records as Margaret Helen Brown. Her maiden name was Margaret Helen Gaynor. She also went by married names of McCandless and Donnelly. She has been verified as my birth mother. She had me in Parkview Hospital at approximately 1:30 am. It was listed as a single birth, yet, she and all of her relatives tell me there was a twin brother. Margaret was listed as age 24 and she did not list my birthfather either on the hospital records nor in the adoption record Our adoptions (for my twin and I) were handled privately by attorney Marvin Lundy. He also handled the adoption of my youngest brother. He claims to have handed over all information to the Philadelphia Courts due to the need for confidentiality & to have destroyed any other records he had. I was dropped off to my adoptive mom behind the Ben Franklin Hotel. Mr. Lundy is deceased. My adoptive mother paid $3000 supposedly toward the legal and medical costs which had to be paid in cash. She was told to say in court that she had paid $500. My birth certificate file # is 102780-68 signed 8/5/1969. My adoption case # was 3345-E finalized 7/10/69. My first amended birth certificate lists Arthur Allen Kneller and Sheila Schneidler as parents My a-parents were then divorced and my stepfather adopted me. Second amended one lists father as Bruce D. Newell My twin- At my visits with Margaret in 2013, Margaret gave me the name of my twin as Harry Weitzel (spelling?). She claimed that he lived 1743 Upshall St. Oklahoma City, OK with his wife and son. Said she had spoken to him on phone but had never met him. At later visits she said that he had split with his wife and was living at 472 or 742 Schunk St. in Philadelphia. We later went to those addresses and 472 did not exist. The people at 742 did not know him. I am assuming that at one time, she may have had a picture of him because she tells me we look alike. She claimed that he had a best friend Bobby that worked at Pat’s Steaks in Philadelphia. After hearing this, we visited the steakhouse and was told that his last name was Wellin (spelling?). However, he was not there. Later, my cousin went back and was told that he no longer worked there. Though there is no solid evidence of my twin brother to date, I believe he does exist based on what the entire family has told me and that being listed as a single birth was just more of the corruption/lack of information kept in records at that time as well as my gut instinct. I would love to have contact with any of the above family members.



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