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I am searching for my biological mother, father, and possible siblings from Athens, Greece or a village nearby. It is possible their last name could be Giannoudis which is the name they gave at the hospital, in Athens, Greece, where I was abandoned in 1961 as an infant. I was abandoned at the hospital in Athens, Greece possibly by my parent(s)for dystrophia (malnourishment). An exhaustive search by local police did not turn up my parents and thus I was placed under the care of the Queen of Greece at that time. I was an infant when left at the hospital, possibly in July of 1961 or thereabouts. I was left with the name Giannoudis at the hospial and was baptized by a Greek Priest and gien the name Dionysios. I was adopted around the age of 3 by my adoptive parents, Mr. & Mrs. Alex Anthony (Antonelos) of Portsmouth, NH. My adoptive mother's name is Theresa and her maiden name is Adamopoulos from Haverhill, MA. We grew up in Portsmouth, NH and Haverhill, MA during childhood and high school years. I was naturalized as a US Citizen in 1964 at the Rockingham County Superior Court in Brentwood/Exeter, NH. My adoptive parents named me James Alex Anthony and gave me their wedding anniversary as a birth date, March 7th, with a birth year of 1961. There is no birth certificate to validate any birth dates or year of birth and I only have the picture of me on the certificate when I was naturalized. I have 2 adopted sisters as well. My younger sister from Greece and my older sister from Lowell, MA. My sister from Lowell found her biological mother and siblings several years ago and my other sister has not pursued a search. I am hoping someone out there sees something here that can help me in this search and/o sparks some memory for them. I am currently 53 years old and in good health. I am hoping someone out there will recognize this search criteria and reach out to me. It is possible that my biological mother, father, and siblings are still in Greece in the Athens area. Plese help. Thank you.



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