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  1. What is a query?
  2. How do I get started?
  3. I need help researching my family history
  4. May I link to your site?
  5. Who and What is CousinConnect?


  1. How do I change or delete a query
  2. I need help writing a query
  3. I sent an e-mail to a submitter, but have not received a response

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  1. I forgot my password
  2. Can I change my password?

Q: What is a query?

A: In genealogy, a "query" is a request for help. The request could be of any subject. In most cases, a person posting a query is hoping to contact other genealogists who are researching one or more of the same family lines, so that they can "pool" their resources together and further each other's research.

Queries are also a great way to contact someone who can:

  1. Help find a missing relative or friend
  2. Find an old schoolmate or military buddy
  3. Locate the burial location of someone, or photograph a tombstone

Q: How do I get started?

A: Start by visiting the "Post a Query" page. Then enter the query text. The query text will contain details about what you are searching for. Enter all the surnames associated with your query (you can enter up to 5 surnames). Then select the geographic regions associated with your query.

Don't worry about making mistakes. You can always go back to make changes.

You can post as many queries as you want. Post one for each of your major family lines, and post one for each of the "hard-to-find" ancestors in your family.

Q: I need help researching my family history?

A: You've come to right place. CousinConnect is about helping you get help. By posting a query, you are essentially asking the world for help. Your queries will be accessible to millions of people. If anyone knows how to help you, they can submit an e-mail to you using the online e-mail form.

Q: May I link to your site?

A: Yes. If you have a website, you are free to post a link to CousinConnect.

If you posted your queries on CousinConnect, we can provide you with a special URL that will direct your visitors to your queries. To get this URL, click the "Edit your Queries" link from the homepage, or anywhere else on the website. You will be presented with a list of your queries, and at the end of the list will be a couple boxes containing your special URL. The first box contains code you can paste as your e-mail tagline (or signature). The second box is code that you can paste on your webpages.

Note: If you operate a genealogy website, please also consider joining our CousinConnect Network.

Q: Who and What is CousinConnect?

A: Please see our "About Us" page.

Q: How do I change or delete a query?

A: Click the link entitled, "Edit your Queries". You can find this link on the homepage, or throughout most of the pages on CousinConnect. This will take you to a form where you specify your e-mail address and your password. Then you will be presented with all the queries you posted, and you can edit or delete any of them.

Q: I need help writing a query.

A: Visit our page, "How to write a query".

Q: I sent an e-mail to a submitter, but have not received a response.

A: CousinConnect cannot contact a submitter if they have not responded to your e-mail. It is entirely up to the submitter to respond to you.

It's possible the submitter has changed their e-mail address. The submitter is responsible for ensuring the e-mail address they use on CousinConnect is current. CousinConnect cannot change a submitter's e-mail address, nor investigate submitters that have not responded.

It may also be possible when you entered, "Your e-mail address", that you made a misspelling. Try sending another e-mail to the submitter, and double-check that you entered the correct address in the "Your e-mail address" field.

Q: I forgot my password.

A: You can request CousinConnect to send your password to you via e-mail. Click the link entitled, "Edit your Queries" on the homepage, and then click the link entitled, "Forgot your password? Click Here". You will be presented with a form where you enter the e-mail address that you used when you posted your queries. You must enter the correct e-mail address, otherwise CousinConnect cannot verify your identity. Your password will then be e-mailed to you.

Q: Can I change my password or e-mail address?

A: Yes. Click the link entitled, "Edit your Queries" on the homepage. Then find the link, "Edit your Profile". Here you can change your password and e-mail address.

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