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CousinConnect Network

January 24, 2003: If you have a website, why not consider joining the new CousinConnect Network? It's a network of websites that carry the genealogy queries on CousinConnect. The idea behind it is to harness the power of your website so that the queries in CousinConnect can get additional attention from your website.

Thus, you can help genealogists get more responses to their queries, and at the same time, get free genealogy content delivered to your website. Best of all, it's completely automated. All you do is paste some code into one your pages, and CousinConnect handles all the rest.

Photographs on CousinConnect

January 21, 2003: Now, you can attach a photograph to your query. When you add a new query, or edit an existing query, you will see a field and button where you attach an image. You can only attach images in JPEG format.

If your query is pertaining to a search on your grandmother's line, perhaps you can attach a photo of your grandmother. Or if you're searching for a birthparent, you can attach a photo of yourself. You can attach only one photo per query. Click here to see an example.

20,000 Queries Reached

January 18, 2003: Today, CousinConnect reached 20,000 genealogy queries in it's query database. It took almost 4 1/2 months to get from 10,000 query records to 20,000 query records. That's not bad considering it took just over 9 months just to get to 10,000 queries.

Happy 1st Birthday!

January 1, 2003: CousinConnect turned 1 year old today. It was on January 1, 2002 that CousinConnect launched. The staff at CousinConnect was not able to get together for another virtual pizza party to celebrate it's birthday, because they were all celebrating the new year. But that's ok because CousinConnect has a lot to be proud of.

After one year, the people who visited CousinConnect posted over 18,000 genealogy queries. More than 5,000 people visit CousinConnect each day now. Many people have already been greatly helped by CousinConnect, cousins finding other cousins, siblings finding other siblings, and even moms finding the birth children they adopted out long ago.

The staff at CousinConnect are expecting an even bigger year in 2003. Some exciting new features are in the works, designed to bring more attention to the queries posted in CousinConnect, and to help you connect with the people you are looking for. By the end of 2003, CousinConnect plans to attract 10,000 people each day. Keep checking this page for updates on how we're doing.

One Great Genealogy Website Award Winner

November 1, 2002: CousinConnect was awarded the "One Great Genealogy Site!" Award from Thanks!

CousinConnect Featured on USA Today

September 16, 2002: CousinConnect was honored today as a "hot site" on USA Today. Thanks USA Today!

CousinConnect Reaches New Milestone

September 6, 2002: The CousinConnect query database surpasses 10,000 queries! Here it is, the query that put us over the 10,000 mark. Note that this query is identified as "#10338". It is actually the 10,338th query to be posted into CousinConnect, but because our visitors are able to delete their queries, this is the one that gave our database 10,000 live queries.

To celebrate, the staff at CousinConnect held a "virtual" pizza party, with spouses and children attending. Pizza was catered by the favorite, "Pizza Bytes", and included David's favorite, "Seared Ahi Tuna Pizza", though the wasabi had to be scraped off. Steve enjoyed the "Peking Duck with Chinese Plum Sauce Pizza" and the "Brautwurst with Sauerkraut Pizza". The children enjoyed the usual, "Macaroni and Cheese Pizza". Sheila and her family were not present, opting to celebrate the moment by camping out in the woods, however Steve and David did manage to save her the "Habanero Pepper Pizza".

When CousinConnect launched on January 1, 2002, the staff had hoped to reach 10,000 queries by the end of 2002. Everyone was surprised by the rapid growth of CousinConnect, and is now eager to see if the site can reach the 20,000 query mark by the end of the year.

Our New Look, and We're Growing Fast

July 29, 2002: We just gave CousinConnect a new look, with a new logo and new colors. We wanted to upgrade it's appearance by giving it a more stylish look, and we changed the base font to Verdana, which should be easier to read.

Also notice that the Full Details pages for each query has been revised. We think this is more easier to read and understand. Also, the surnames and the regions on each Full Details page are now links that will show you corresponding search results.

CousinConnect is also growing quickly thanks to visitors like you. In just 7 months after officially launching, CousinConnect is now serving more than 3,000 unique visitors each day. There are some 7,500 queries in the database, comprising of 10,600 surnames, all of which were posted by our visitors. We wish to thank everyone in the genealogy community for making CousinConnect a success!

New Feature: Automated Notification System

July 10, 2002: Our new notification system is live! With this feature, you can set up a "notification" so that CousinConnect will notify you by e-mail about queries that were recently posted, matching your preferences.

For example, if you are interested in reading queries involving the SANDERSON surname, you can set up a notification for that surname. CousinConnect will then monitor every new query that gets added to the database, and if one of them has that surname in it, it will send you an e-mail, along with a link to view the query.

To read more about our new feature, read the "CousinConnect Notification System" page.

CousinConnect Is One of the Best!

June 20, 2002: has been selected by Family Tree Magazine as one of the "101 Best Family History Web Sites". We're excited to be among this elite group of websites, considering there are probably tens of thousands of genealogy websites to choose from. Even more, this award comes while we've been online for only 6 months now.

Thanks Family Tree Magazine!

CousinConnect Hits New Milestone

June 14, 2002: As of this writing, there have been 5,000 genealogists who have posted genealogy queries into CousinConnect. There are currently 5,568 total genealogy queries in the database, comprising of 8,422 surnames, and all this occuring just shy of CousinConnect reaching 6 months of age.

When CousinConnect launched, we had hoped by the end of 2002, there would be 10,000 queries posted. It looks like we'll hit that mark with ease.