The Genealogy Query Database

CousinConnect Notification Service

CousinConnect can send you an e-mail notifying you whenever a new genealogy query, matching your parameters, gets added to the website.

This feature is the first of its kind for any of the genealogy query boards and servers. You determine what kinds of queries (surname, region, or both) that you are interested in. Whenver someone adds a new query to CousinConnect, that matches the parameters you are interested in, we will notify you via e-mail.

By having CousinConnect notify you of new queries that match your parameters, it will allow you to contact other genealogists that share the same interest as soon as they post their queries. As a submitter, it also means that as soon as you post a query, other genealogists that share the same interest will be notified immediately, thus greatly speeding up response time.

For example, if you are interested in reading all queries that include the surname "ATKINSON", and you want to be notified when another ATKINSON query gets added to the website, CousinConnect will send you an e-mail notifying you the day after it gets added. Or, if you are interested in all queries that get added into Tarrant County, Texas, we will notify you when that happens. Or if you want to be even more specific, you can set up a notification for all "ATKINSON" surnames specifically in Tarrant County, Texas.

You can even decide if you want to be notified for "exact" surname spellings, "partial" surname spellings, or "soundex" matches.

How to set up a notification

While you are conducting a surname search, or navigating through the region pages or surname pages, enter your e-mail address wherever you see the notification form (as indicated in the screen-shot to the right).

When you enter your e-mail address, you will be asked for a password. This password will allow you to modify your notification(s) in the future. That's all there is to it!

If you conduct a search, or if you navigate to a page, and there are no queries displaying on that page, don't worry. You can still set up a notification. When a query matching that search, or that page, gets added to the website, we'll notify you about it.

Editing Your Notifications

When you set up a notification, you will be able to modify it at any time by logging into CousinConnect. You can even "delete" a notification setup so that CousinConnect stops notifying you.