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My Great Grandfather, George (Geman) Frank, arrived in San Francisco in December 1902. (His name was what he chose when coming to America. He never told anyone his birth name.) A stow away on the ship "Victoria". We have this information Born: Dec. 25, 1887 (About), Place: Sehnaur, Oruzgan, Afghanistan. He said boarded the ship in Calcutta, India. The reason he gave for running away from his family was he had accidentally broken the leg of one of his father's horses. He said his older brother, Dela, gave him money. He gave theses names for his family: Father: Salaneldine (Suthadean) and Mother: Geo (Jamil). This is all the information I have on him and would love to be able to find out more about where he came from and his family. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

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