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My DOB October 13, 1978 Shreveport LA in Search of My Birth Parents Birth Date10/13/1978 blonde blu/gr eyes Beautiful healthy baby girl Addopted to a family in Pineville /Alexandria LA john/sandy early 30's father works Forestry Dept Mother Art teacher a loving catholic family exactly what birth mother wished for Searching for birth family Small amount of info i have on Birth mother Beautiful , bubbly , French/Cherokee Early 30's Loved swimming,gardening,reading Had a girl older 2/3 years Not married high school edu Desk clerk I would greatly like to say thank you to the strong women that made a choice I thank you i know in my soul you gave me a chance for a better life i thank you I am a beautiful , smart lady with courage and sass that i know came from you. My adopted parents told me very young and i have a sister and a Dad that both were also adopted, so we tease my mom " you were planed , we were chosen " They gave me an unbelievable loving childhood full of gifts and blessing. But i know there are many gifts you gave me, my love of gardening, laughing and the beautiy inside and out. I pray to bring you peace with your choice you made so long ago I know it was a terrify moment , but when i was young i asked my mom if I could have an extra candle on my birthday cake , so WE could always have the first wish to thank you and bless you , and 2nd wish for a toy. I pray we will meet one day my psychic says so haa ha !!!! But my faith is i know , till then I pray you sleep well and wish to meet me too. Xoxoxo

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